Lessons Learned From Crisis

Lessons Learned From Crisis

Hi all and welcome on my site. I am happy you find a time to stop by. I wasn’t adding new content for a while mostly due to a new occasion that I implemented in my professional life.

The reason of my absence was that I am simultaneously building my other website, which will become more sort of marketing source, with one desired end outcome=full time business. It will be a lot of hard work, plenty of hours spent on thinking and creating and probably a lot of short nights????, but I am willing to take the risk, fight and ultimately make this happen.

Anyway, in order to achieve it I was busy with studying, writing and communication with bunch of responsible people were taking my time. I am sorry for that, hopefully you were doing great for the time being.

When the time will come I am going to share all the important details with you as well. I am definitely still going to add new content on this website. No worries!

What happened to the world?

This question you might be asking yourself often during the last days and weeks. If you are living by any chance in Asia, you might be excluded out of this group. (You were there before though).

Yes, if you are living on the same planet like I do, then you get that as well. There is an enemy between us. The one we can not get out of our houses, nor out of our public spaces, cities and entire countries. Something, many across the globe wouldn’t imagine in the worst dream.

Don’t worry I wasn’t off for a while, to tell you the things you already know and to make you be more afraid of the future. The public news, TV news, internet broadcasting is doing it already.

My intention is to share with you some insights I gathered shortly before and during the pandemic. Some of you would like it, some don’t. For some of you it can help change the perspective, and to some of you it might sound too bold.

Either way, I think we as a humankind, we all can get out of it stronger! Depends just on us! Remember, every crisis is a proof how much you want it! And every crisis is perfect time to create leaders!

What happened before the pandemic?

Call me crazy, but I think that every action, cause reaction. And as it is valid in humans relationships, it is also valid on higher level. Precisely level human=planet.

I don’t want to take esoteric approach on that at all!

But let me ask you something. Do you think that we as the human race, that we were acting to the mother earth with respect?

I am going to leave it unanswered, everyone can fill in his/her own answer.

Just underlined think about the big oil companies, industry production, destruction of forests due to new shopping malls, …

If you know a bit about the history, then you probably know that, present time is the longest time without WAR!

Easily, however silly it may sound, this could be the only way the mother earth could get her “resting time”.

That was the relation human=planet.

What about the relation human=human? Were those relationships healthy? Did people valued each other? Did employers valued their employees? Did hotel/restaurant/coffee/bar owners valued their customers? Did they really served them or just earn from them?

I could easily leave unanswered this one as well, but I would stop for a while here as I experienced some examples in the first line, just before the global pandemic hit off.

What I experienced:

No respect in relation Owner/Customer-You see, I was just quitting my manager role in one hotel in the month, the Netherlands took the way of the “intelligent lock down” And what I saw, was missing respect. From both sides. Customers towards our staff, but also in general hotel staff towards the customer. As the traveling became somehow affordable, still more “cheap” travelers were able to book trips, which were some 20 years ago impossible.

No respect young=old/-er– I am soccer coach as some of you may know, and I am definitely not the one who is forcing some old-fashioned rule of celebrating the old. And that is not even possible in today’s economy. Somewhat the older are not the heroes anymore, but more of a burden. This trend is probably not to be stopped.

But what I stress about, is that youngsters should show basic respect to people who are teaching them. All the teachers, coaches, but as well older members of the family deserve more respect.

Things you might realize during the pandemic.

As the pandemic occurred, we all have to face it. Someone would be feeling lesser impact, someone unfortunately higher, I wish all of us could feel the financial and health impact as low as possible.

But as the new situation arises we could also take some time to think what is really important and what not.

If I would continue with the soccer. It is the field I am still active, so excuse me please if I am mentioning it often. But we can mirror it to majority of the sport, or entertainment business as well.

There is a thing as salaries in soccer, basketball, or ice hockey among the “top” players. I don’t know if you are a bit familiar with it, but in my opinion those people are over paid. What is especially wrong is how some players reacted to when they were asked to agree on temporarily decrease of their salary. In short, in crisis the character of everyone came up.

In general, I found it wrong, when a player is earning some 2 millions $/month while his fans attending the stadium and paying for the ticket are earning in many cases 2 thousands $/month. That’s thousand times less!!! That’s just ridiculous.

Now, I could maybe not mentioning it, as I am also getting salary in this field, and it is OK if some top athletes, or actors are earning more than “average” salary, but the amounts just sky-rocketed within couple of last years. No wonder, that some of those people are loosing contact with the reality. We can see how the wrong “values” did take place here.

And while on this particular example we have small impact, there are things we might influence a lot.

During this time, where majority of us are working from home, you might witness different approach among your friends. Some would be bored, worried and some on other hand would be active and creative. Either way, there is option for everyone to evaluate what is really important and what less.

Tips for helping you while you are at home:

  • Learn new skill/new language not just you will feel incredible if you gain knowledge in new language or some other skill, your market value will be significantly higher, once the job market will be proper again. Additional to it, you might learn new skill, which will help you in starting new business and get out of this period even in better place as you have been before.
  • Do sport– now I don’t mean to call your friends and organize soccer or other similar sort of game, but do something that will help you to improve your shape and condition. Tips here could be bicycle rides, running( alone) or Fitness at home
  • Read-I think that books provide value and knowledge that’s just priceless. Whatever topic you are interested in, you will find book written on. You can basically change your life if you read the right book and take action after reading it.
  • Connect with the ones you care-No I don’t mean to send more friends requests on Facebook, I mean talk, call, ask, listen or help those they mean the most to you. One sad paradox emerged among partners. There is higher amount of violent behavior or even divorces since people are more home. Is that sign of a healthy relationships?
  • Work-I don’t mean now that if you are already working to find a part-time job. But there are many people who get reduced their hours, or were fired. For you there is always a chance to earn. Options are:
  • food delivery
  • freelancing
  • start new business
  • Pick the right information- information are one of the most valuable tools people can use. The right information, can set you way ahead of your direct concurrent in business for instance, and the wrong source of information, like news feed and standard media with bunch of chaotic and fear spreading news can cause you in better case depression. That’s why, if you weren’t too much careful what you were absorbing from outside world, now you have perfect time to select.
  • Evaluate– I mentioned that already earlier in this article, but this “home based” time is perfect to re-evaluate basically everything what you are doing. Is the job/business right for you? Are you spending your free time aim fully? Are you spending your money wisely? Do you save/invest enough? Do you have healthy relationship with your partner/kids/parents/friends?

Those are just some ideas you can implement into your life. There are many others available. The idea is to give you some inspiration.

It is all in our hands.

I hope I wasn’t too negative by mentioning some facts from before the pandemic. I just offered my point of view. You don’t have to agree with everything I quoted, but what I would be happy for is, if you could take some time to think.

Think what you need in your life and what you don’t.

If you decided to include some of my TIPS into your daily life now or after corona I would be feeling that I helped you.

These times are hard, nothing what many of us experienced ever. The world will change, that’s for sure. The economic going to change as well. Question is how we are going to change?

Everything is in our hands.

#stay safe

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Lorenz Valdez
Lorenz Valdez
3 years ago

Aloha and awesome post!

I hope you are doing well during this hard time and I appreciate you sharing your personal experience from this crisis.

One thing we must all realize is that the world will never be the same again and that we must learn to adapt to the change that’s happening.

One thing for sure many people were able to learn from this was how to be more grateful for life and the people closest to you. Maybe this was meant to cleanse the world and let mother nature breath again.

One thing Im know for sure is that having an online business like we do is crucial… due to the pandemic, millions and millions of people lost thier jobs.

Learn a digital skillset is my biggest advice!


3 years ago

I really enjoyed your article today, and I take very seriously your challenge to take time to think. It’s what I’ve been doing for over a month now in the Wis. USA lockdown. And I think, if we are to find a higher meaning in all of this, it is exactly that, to take some time, and think. I have been trying to use this time myself to rest, the study, to rebuild, to learn about myself and others. 

I agree with your evaluation of the world before this happened, decreasing respect toward our planet and each other. To it I would add decreasing respect toward time. We make ourselves so busy. Then we land in a crisis that leaves us jobless and activity-less. You have a line in there about the earth getting some “resting time” in this crisis, which is something I thought of too. There are images and studies being done about how pollution is disappearing all over the world right now. Terrible as it is, there’s a part of me that thinks we as a species may have just needed something like this to happen.

3 years ago

Julius, Thank you for this post lessons learned from crisis. I know I have learned some valuable lessons that I would not have otherwise. I really appreciate your tips to help while we are at home. I’m thinking about starting a new business and your post has inspired me to a new level. Things are very slow in my work right now so I believe this is the perfect time. Thank you. 

3 years ago

Brilliant article to read, found it interesting to the point of commenting on how great a read I actually found it, well done and keep up the good work.
This I have book marked for reference to it in the future!
Thanks Jason
Also things to learn to protect children and babies during a crisis like this COVID-19: https://www.topdogbabies.com/coronavirus-babies-and-children/

3 years ago

You are so right, I think we should look at this situation as a positive, the earth needed time to heal and she is! some of our waters are the clearest they’ve been in 100s of years and life is coming back to them. I think its a fantastic opportunity as you said for us all to take a step back and reevaluate life and realise what is important to us and to start showing and giving more respect.

We can use this time so wisely and take it as an opportunity to do things we would or may never get the chance to do again, I love your suggestion of learn a new language, what an amazing idea, i’ve always wanted to learn to speak Italian and what better time than now!

good luck with your new venture, it sounds exciting 

all the best


3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice.  I’m coming to you from USA. I had told someone recently that it’s in times of crisis that we actually learn who people really are.  

For example, during the pandemic, my old bank decided to close my account and send it off to a creditor with no heads up.  Here in the US, many Americans received $1200 to help people take care of the basic things, like feeding their family.  A lot of them have lost their job because of governments placed restrictions on business operations to curb the virus’ spread.  

Many of these businesses have shut down permanently because of this, so now we are experiencing near Depression-era levels of unemployment.  But, my bank wants to still make some money by trying to get a hold of my stimulus money.  

It’s a shame that some people can be that cruel and thoughtless.

Anyway, thank you for your insight and tips and may you stay safe!

3 years ago

Am really glad I got to see these post. You may not know but you just saved a life, I learnt alot from the aspect were you talked about the strategies to implements in other to stay safe in the paramedic time. And you really opened up my eyes to see things we all couldn’t see before the crisis. You are the BEST

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this current period Julius. One of the things I’ve really appreciated on a personal level is the time to reflect and re-evaluate. On a national and continental level, what I’ve been awakened to is how crisis leads to innovation. When the pandemic hit fever pitch and supply lines were disrupted, several economies were left to literally do the best they could within the resources they had. This forced them to look for help within and not without, and the result has been amazing homegrown solutions and innovations as well as renewed trust that it is possible to achieve what we want if we put our minds on it.

We are Blessed.

3 years ago


These times has shown us what it means to be human and also what love really is. We are learning that what we really need are each other most and the rest is just secondary.

Thank you for raising the subject, we have not been fair to the environment or even to each other and maybe might need this ‘time out’ to retrospect and come back better people.

I am thankful for the tips you gave on how we can spend the time that we are safe in our homes. I am going to pick one or two from that. 

We are looking forward to what you are preparing mate. Stay safe everyone. 

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