How to increase personal productivity?

How to increase personal productivity?

Hi everyone. In today’s post I would write about how to increase personal productivity. At the beginning I would stress out about the word PERSONAL. Because, it is something we have to be aware of. There are different principles between company productivity and individual productivity for example.

If you have been wondering, how is it possible that someone is full of energy at work, delivering outstanding performance while being still active in private life, meaning having a rich family life or if you have been asking yourself, how can you increase your own productivity in order to have more energy and time, in both cases, I hope this article can help you.

Productive vs. Busy

I already mentioned that in my previous blog post What is the productivity killer, but I would like to point again on it from different angle.

Being busy means that you are feeling overwhelmed with your tasks. Now does not matter how successful you are at finishing them, but you are just overwhelmed. That’s way you feel busy, right? You would hardly describe yourself being busy, if you work two hours per day.

Everyone was busy at some point. Especially if you are aiming bigger goals. Some forms of “being busy” are OK and people are searching for them. For example if you, next to your job, attend some educational course.

You know it is costing you time and you might be having not a lot of time for your other activities, but the outcome you are following is to gain certain education and eventually leave your present job for one, where you will have more time, money, impact or something else you would like to achieve.

The bad “being busy” state is when you are having three jobs, because otherwise you are late with your bills. Or because your spouse want it. Many will try to escape this unhappy circle with “help” of  alcohol, drugs, TV or some other destructive tool.

But there is another solution how to escape the circle of “BUSYness”. And you wouldn’t need to ruin your health or your savings.

Being productive. In other words: do more in less time.

Structure of your productive day

At the beginning, I would like to warn you, that to rebuild your unproductive habits towards the productive will take time, and therefore the change will not happen overnight. But with the right approach and right application, you can see how your life is changing.

The ideal start is to plan your day. I know that you might be in different situations, some of you can be in employment, or are students, what means in most cases having managers or someone above and less control in your day schedule, but you can still try to find way to apply your daily plan as much as possible. I started to plan my days precisely while being I was at job as well.

If you are entrepreneurs, you are having bigger advantage and more freedom in your schedule.

It does not matter on your situation, try find the ways how to implement your plan into practice.

Tips for the productive day:

Start your day with positive affirmations –If you don’t know what that mean, it is basically setting your brain and consequently your actions towards the way you want it. There are plenty of material available online to help you master this skill, I personally prefer one from Tonny Robbins, here I wrote review about his product, I think it is worth of check it

The Ultimate Edge review

Find the time for exercise-Ideally in the morning. If you are short of time, it can be done anytime within your day. It does not matter how tough your schedule is, you should be able to find 30 min free to take care of your body and mind.

Plan all of your administration or “important” communication until 12 o’clock. Here belongs emails of any kind, phone calls, working meetings– As already mentioned, you will not have always full control of your schedule, but doing as much as you can mean, if you are working in the office for example and you know you have to write business email, give a call to handy man because of your broken shower, write email to your car insurance and text your friend about your meeting on weekend, you can do it before 12 right? Don’t have a time? If you work in similar companies my friends do, you can skip some Facebook minutes and do those tasks, I guess -;)

Give yourself a break-being productive does not mean being machine, which is not going to stop and is active 24/7. Giving yourself break can be sauna, massage or simple nap, even a TV show after one there is not a line of other parts. Having more time is the purpose, don’t forget! That break should be 30-45 minutes, depends on your schedule.

I know this plan is very basic and general, but very simpleton follow  on the other side. But yet, effective, your productivity can be increased rapidly.

Imagine how free your mind could be, while having your lunch you realised that you finished your “important” task already.

First things first

In order to be productive you often come in to the point, when you will see that you don’t have time to deal with all the demand, set on you as a person. And as you become more successful in any area of your life, demand on you will be even higher. It would be very naive to think, that with success you will have fewer duties and more time;-)

It will be totally the opposite. Then you have to start prioritize.

In other words, the most important things would have to come first, to be dealt with. For that you need to set up your values. Your priorities. No one knows your own priority list, that’s way you have to choose the right one to live life according your values.

Even the best plan would not work, without clarifying the importance of the task. Think of that, by setting and following your plan.

As being successful you might experience a new type of interest and demand linked with you, there are some advantages coming with it along the way, some of them are having potential to increase your productivity, that can be for example:

-flying first class, instead of business one(more privacy)

-bigger house(more space and privacy)

-higher quality tools(technology,travel,entertainment=faster work)

-access to resources( faster delivery of information)

Staying productive

The most successful people have one in common. They are able to maintain their productivity. We all can learn from that. But how to achieve it, that your productivity will stay on

Often you might experience that while one day you were unbelievable productive, the following day, you were not. There might be certain situations were you feel your productivity is raising and again situations were it is decreasing. Here we can add as well meeting some particular people.

If you know that your highest flow of productivity is coming between 7-10 pm, while you are alone, that is completely fine. You just need to use that time frame wisely and work as much as possible during that time and take care that you have the conditions for that.

If, on the other hand you know that between 10 am-1 pm your productivity is lower, don’t fight against it. Just take care that in this time you are not making plans for some important task or decision.

If you know your productive states or environment you are productive, keep searching for those circumstances and use them as much as you can. Keep fighting for your “productive state”.

Personal productivity-key to the desired life.

Many people are not happy in their job. Or they are not happy with their private life. One of the reasons could be, that they feel less productive. If you know that the task you work on should be done in 24h, but you are busy with it for 3 days already, and still not see end of it, how do you feel?

Happy, excited, successful? No, you would feel more likely, unhappy, sad or angry. If you are mentally healthy then you obviously wish to have for you and those around you, the first group of emotions in your life.

If you are lucky enough, and you work on your own business, you can choose your own working hours. I am best productive in the night for example. Should I stop doing my “night shifts” just because it is not common? That is my highest productive time, so I am going to get out of it maximum I can.

Don’t be afraid, if your habits or your body needs are different as majority, use it as much as you can.

I hope I could deliver you some tips on how to increase personal productivity, here within my post. If you found it helpful, if you have experience with other things that worked for you, or if you have simple question, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to reply.


Best luck!!

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Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins
4 years ago

This is really interesting. There are some great points that you make. I think that having a positive mindset at the start of a day goes a long way to helping productivity, If you really enjoy what you do then this productivity flows much easier.
I agree that the morning is the most productive time for most of us, I think it is important to listen to your body and if you need 10 minutes time out then take it. Also nutrition is important, for me if I put the correct fuel in at breakfast then my peak productivity lasts much longer!
And of course exercise and being physically fit – I think there is a link between physical and mental fitness which is often over looked.

Thank you for your interesting guidelines.

4 years ago

Hi, interesting article. I agree on many points. Definitely important to organise and plan your day ahead. And we all have our time of the day when we are more productive and should take advantage of it to finish most of the work in less time and effort. Good day

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