How to make a change in your life

How to make a change in your life


Did you make your New Years’ resolution as well? And how it is going so far? By the end of January, you should be aware of if you are going the way as planned, or if you are struggling. For the years, it was very hard for me to make any kind of change, then I found simple steps that I implemented into my life and all became easier.

Would you like to know how to make a change in your life? Would you like to create a lasting change, not just short term one? Then read the following lines. If you struggle to set up yourself for change, check my other blog post over here

In order to make a change in your life, you have to understand, that change is actually a new habit you have to build, its fulfillment you can achieve by connecting activity with repetition


Once you will understand and apply that formula you will find that basically any change, even if it is big one including job or other serious changes or if it smaller one like learning a new skill, it can be done.

OK. Let’s say you understood that and know how it works, but why would you change something? How can you help you in your life?

Do you need to change?

First of all, if you are completely happy with your present situation, your professional as well personal life, with your living and financial situation, if you have honest and supportive friends if you regularly set up targets for yourself and you are also accomplishing them, then obviously don’t change anything, and please write some material which can help all us others, to achieve some as well -;)

But for the majority is, unfortunately, the reality, that they are not satisfied with their situation.

People, in most of the cases, want to have more money or time, want to have a more interesting job, which is bringing them next to huge paycheck enough freedom for traveling as much as they wish and people as well, to have better relationships.

There are several case studies proving that people are unhappy in their present state.

Do you think that in order to achieve something written above, or to achieve whatever you’d like to have, but you still don’t have it, that you need to change something? Often yes.

And as a majority is scared of the word “change”, on opposite to that, if you will understand and apply some simple, yet fundamental laws, you would be able to change the “broken” things regularly. But how to make lasting change?

Not losing yourself in the present world is the core

Let us begin with the idea that you are really into the second group and you seek some guidance on how to improve your life. Make some changes can really improve the quality of your life significantly. How? I will try to show you now.

It is no secret that our life becomes fast-paced in every aspect. You are expected to work longer hours while spending more time with your loved ones. You are expected to be active on social media as well as in society. Having a lot of friends or doing a lot of interesting things and next to that still earning a lot of money to secure your family. And of course, with a big smile on your face.

Do you recognize yourself in there? Not? Maybe just a bit?

Have you ever realized by the end of your week with horrible discovery, that it is already Friday while you were still on Wednesday mode? I did. Many times.

Fast-paced means higher tempo in life, but also a higher amount of changes which are coming along the days and some of them you are required to accept.

If you like it or not.

There is no guarantee that you will not be sacked out of your daily job from one day to another. That your life partner would not find someone else. Talking about mobile phones is really not necessary, I think. Who from you had one mobile phone for longer than two years?

The things which are in today are sometimes not in tomorrow. So why not become a master and predict the change and do it by yourself while improving your life?

Demands for change

It was Robert Kyosaki, the author of some world-known bestsellers, who mentioned in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, how important is to possess multiple skills nowadays market. While his poor dad, speaking with a voice of common opinion was persuading the importance to learn a particular skill. Rich dad gave him the importance of learning more skills and become multiply skilled.

Kiyosaki was born in 1947, so the people from the generation of his parents were more confident claiming that knowing a particular skill would secure your future. As the world developed and there is a high demand for multi-skilled people we need to admit that knowing one skill doesn’t have to be enough. Of course, being a professional athlete, or actor can secure you really nice living, but what you will do after your career? Or what you will do if you experience some serious injury?

I am sure that in the future that demand for being multi-skilled would be even higher. Why I am mentioning that? Because learning new skills and making changes goes hand in hand.

When you learn something new, you are doing it in most cases in order to change something, for example, a job. And when you want to change something, if we stay in a career area, then you have to learn some new skills in many cases.

Find out how learning a new skill can next to giving yourself higher value on the job market, improve your confidence at the same time

How did you feel after you gained some new knowledge or skills? I am pretty sure that except the fact that you are closer to the change you are seeking, you felt confident boost and enthusiasm towards new challenges.

That is a good starting point for any change.

Don’t be afraid of failures

There are few people who are in the right direction. There are some who are already making some changes, even they don’t have to, and they are fully aware of what a new change can bring them and know how important it is to regularly make them in order to improve their already outstanding present state.

People sometimes don’t have to know they need a change, but if you are unemployed for over a year against your will, or if you are living in a toxic relationship, or if you are coming home from work you are not happy in and all your free time you are spending in front of TV with your chips, but without any social life then trust me, you do need the change. As sooner, you start as higher your chance is, to improve your life.

The bottom line for you can be different. The line when you realize, ow wait I can not live like that any longer. It can be your friend talking to you in a very honest way, or it can be your own self-reflection looking to the mirror or seeing your life from an objective perspective. Or it can be even some movie, song, advertisement which will hit you and you start to see all the “wrong” things.

Now, if you discover you might need a change, there is a possibility that your inner voice will appear. And how that could look like?

one of the options could be: I want to change, but what if I will fail? How I will feel? What the others would say? In other words, your fear of failure can play the main character in your inner movie.

That is OK, many people have that fear at the beginning, especially if you were not pushing your limits for so long. But if you start and then stay practicing changes, you will overcome that fear.

To be more realistic and to show you one example out presence. Imagine what I am doing right now. Writing a post in order to help people how to make a change and how to improve their lives, with my best intentions.

But it may as well turn to be a disaster and instead of good feeling from work well done, it can be easily be taken wrongly and I might be disappointed about the entire time spent on nothing.

For me spending time trying to help others I wouldn’t describe as spending on anything, but I guess you got my point. Generally speaking, it is a kind of risk, but it is the risk I am able to take. Why? Because if I wouldn’t take that risk I wouldn’t know if it works.

How to make a change in your life?

There are different reasons you did not make significant changes recently. You might have been afraid of the reaction of your surroundings, or discouraged by your own voice, or you didn’t even see that you need some change.

Whatever reasons there could be, don’t let it paralyze you, before you would even start. There is such an amazing feeling in case you will change something, what you were mad about a long time and you didn’t until now. And who knows, maybe you’ll find it necessary and important and you’d start making changes regularly.

If you struggle and would like to get some help or advice on how to do it, you can use the information and knowledge in this post, I would be more than happy to hear that this content as your starting point.

So think about what you would like or need to change and start. Don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t let the small voice in your head fueled by fear stop you from designing your better life. There is something true on the saying that after every failure there is a big success waiting on.

Please leave your comments, or own experience with some tips below to inspire others who are struggling to make a change.

Best luck!!



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4 years ago

Hello, Now I understand change are very necessary. I know form Rich Dad Poor Dad author. While his poor dad, speaking with a voice of common opinion was persuading the importance to learn a particular skill. Rich dad gave them the importance of learning more skills and become multiply skilled. Now my focus is also in multiple skill and I also teach my children to learn multiple skills. Thanks for sharing

4 years ago

Hi Julius,

To be honest, I have already given up on my 2020 new year resolutions and your article means a lot to me. After reading your insightful and inspiring article I am determined to try and fulfill my resolutions.

Indeed, Repetition makes our reputation. Robert Kyosaki is one of my inspiration and Rich Dad & Poor Dad is one of my favorite books. Things will not change we need to change it. You have given me plenty to think about here. This article is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

Thanks for the article I enjoyed it, I found your article highly uplifting and educational.

4 years ago


Thank for the nice review and thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss the topic. I enjoyed your article so much. 

You know that failure is the pillar of success. For success, one needs to work hard. By working hard one can be successful. 

You have mentioned how to be successful and how to get change. If one gets a chance he should use its best. By maintaining the rules one can be successful.

 Thanks again for the nice review. I enjoyed your article so much. Your review is so much helpful. I will share it with my friends. I hope they will enjoy it very much. they will share their opinion about the topic with you soon.

4 years ago

Hi! Great article about personal change.  Learning new skills and not being afraid of failure.  Failure helps us succeed.  So far this year I have made some changes.  I hope to stick with them.  They involve diet, exercise and personal business growth.  I used a daily task list and try to be agile about everything.  Are you on track on your changes?  Thanks for sharing!

4 years ago

I feel so happy to have landed on your blog today. It felt good reading through this and knowing what ways to make changes.

At the dawn of the year we usually make new year resolutions, but most times, the zeal to carry out these resolutions depreciate as the year goes by. We begun to lose interest, and we don’t even realise it until the year runs out. And then we make another new year resolutions.

One reason why people get stuck with where they are is the fear of failing. After several trials that don’t work out well, motivations begin to die down, leading to complacency and ultimately to stagnation. But through the enlightenment in this post, I have learned a lot of how to make changes. And I feel greatly motivated.

I’m sharing this post with my friends immediately. I’m sure they’ll find it useful. Thanks for sharing.

Afonso Zhu
Afonso Zhu
4 years ago

It happened a few years back when I hit rock bottom, looked at myself in the mirror and said “It’s time to change”. I wish I had the chance to stumble upon this amazing post earlier in my life, maybe I would have changed sooner and it would have been easier to change. Thank you for the article and I’m sure it will help many people.

MD Sharif
MD Sharif
4 years ago

Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information.The first thing you need to do to change yourself is determination.People have good bad qualities in the world of good and bad people.Yet we prefer the good more than the bad.Your post was nice because you have illustrated the topic in a very nice way.So thank you again for sharing such a beautiful information with us.

shariful islam
shariful islam
4 years ago

Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I’ve been experiencing many bad times in my life and had no idea how to adjust my life properly.And I wasn’t going to get any advice on how to make lasting change in my life, and after reading your registration I found a solution to the problem.And there are some bad habits in my life that prevent me from changing my life.And I think that both plus and minus travel will help me to eliminate these habits in my life.Because traveling is so good in the mind and when you come home after traveling, it is good to do all the work and invent new things.

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