3 Steps to help you with finding your true purpose in life

3 Steps to help you with finding your true purpose in life

Have you ever been wondering why you cannot find any joy in your present life? Or have you always felt, that you deserved something more?

Well, then you might have a problem to find your true purpose in your life.

You might think that the word purpose has been around a lot lately, more and more people are talking about it, but what that actually means?

The word itself has different meanings. As a verb you can define it as a :have as one’s intention or objective, you could hear it in the form of someone saying it: that person did it to me on the purpose, as opposite to that person did it to me in coincidence.

As a noun you can translate it, as: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists and. The second translation is the one we are going to be discussing about.

Have you always wanted to live on some cool place, being surrounded by like-minded people from all around the world, while being well respected in your field? But instead of that you are still sitting in your boring job, which you are spending way more time as you should, while the only people from all around the world you meet, are those online?

If you recognise yourself in the statement like this, or any similar to it, then you might still did not find your passion or your purpose. No worries, this post is going to help you with finding your true purpose in life.



The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why, 

-Mark Twain-

Finding your true purpose in your life

I will often times use word passion because finding your purpose is directly linked with your passion. People who are not happy with their present professional life, are most likely not doing something what is full filing, that is why they miss the passion and are not having any purpose. Passion and purpose do not have to be necessary connected, but most of the time they are.

Before we go any further, let me point you in right direction. As passion and purpose is not completely the same.

In short, we can say that PASSION is your “what” and PURPOSE is your “why”. Normally your “why” should be stronger like your “what”, as your “what” can always change on your road, while your “why” shouldn’t be yielding. Because if your reasons are strong enough, if you know that you have to do, what you do, even without rationalisation, you will find the right way.

Even if you find yourself struggling for short period by doing something, what you are not happy with, your PURPOSE is going to lead you through those hard times.

I think the picture below( free available online), is describing it perfectly.

The process

There are people searching for purpose all their life. Some of them are successful, some less. I know that is not easy thing to be achieved, but I think it is at least worth of trying it.

Some people are saying that human is searching for his purpose all the life and the journey is the one it has to be enjoyed. Well, I have to agree just a bit. Of course, it has to be enjoyable ride, otherwise your life becomes too soon, like an example from the first paragraph of my post.

But on the other hand, I think it’s always better if you find your PURPOSE earlier and keep enjoying the ride while you know why you do what you do, rather then making mistakes and struggling.

Don’t take me wrong, that I am pushing you to not make any mistakes. Faults or mistakes are allowed, because who moves, makes mistakes as well. What I mean is, that if you have the right tools available to discover the reasons of your motivation, you should be focusing to implement them into your life. The sooner the better, make sense? I hope at least a bit.

Keep reading and maybe you find the answers you would need in order to find your big “why”. In other words, your PURPOSE.

Am I on the right path?

Until you get to the point, that you are going to be sure you found your purpose, it can be a long journey. Time to time you can be misunderstood. Even ridiculed by someone. Or you can experience hesitancy. But trust me, if you know your “why”, you’ll find the way.

You’ll find your passion. You’ll find the way how to make it work, that you’ll be earning out of it, that what people will need it.

Go deep to you and ask yourself: why am I doing this? Find your “why”, all begins there. Then you’ll be halfway there.

Trust me, I have been on the road as well. Made a decision, and then been discouraged by others or by my own thoughts, is it going to work? Will I not just fool myself, or the others who trusted me? Maybe you want to quit your job and start your own business, the loss of the job is one of the biggest fear person can have. So it’s obvious, it can be stressing.

But if you want to find your PURPOSE, you will go through that obstacle as well, and you’ll find the way how to monetize your passion. Probably it will take some time, but look on that that way, if it would be easy, everyone would do it.


I can imagine, that while you are reading those lines, you might think, that guy is crazy. I will just find my PURPOSE and all of a sudden I am going to be happy, successful and rich?

It doesn’t happen without your effort, but it is easier as you could think. Let me show you some examples.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was offered 200,000$ per year to become personal fitness trainer in the fitness center with great reputation. It was at the beginning of his time in L.A. Two hundred thousand dollars was back then a lot of money. And I can say it is still big money now, right?

I think majority of people would accept the offer. To getting paid for your PASSION, while living in the Californian paradise! But he refused it. Why? Because, PURPOSE was to become world greatest body builder. He wanted to win Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. If he would accept the tempting offer he has got, he wouldn’t have enough time to train properly.

That’s the power, your PURPOSE has. But it takes courage to work on projects where success is not guaranteed. Where, you can’t even see the result quickly enough. An extra reason why your PURPOSE must be big.

There is another significant message out of this story. Although, PASSION is less important than PURPOSE. Look back, he could make better than good living with his PASSION, but he did not choose to, because his PURPOSE was somewhere else.

And how it went in the end with his dream? For those, not familiar with his story, Arnold did win the competitions and he become the world greatest body builder.

We all have been created with purpose

You might say I am dreamer, but I really think we have been created with some purpose. Criminals and thieves have as well their purpose. Unfortunately, not a good one, but they do have it. At least they think that’s their purpose.

What you can do in order to find your purpose?

1.Use the picture in the article– cut it and stick it onto your wall, Or printed and put it to your notebook. That you will have it on your eyes every day, and your brain will figure it out what is your “why”and if you put enough effort in it, you will find your “what” or “how”.

2.Listen to your heart- Steve Jobs said, listen to your heart, it knows somehow, who you want to be. And I agree. Be open and listen. Magic things can happen.

3.Work with the idea in your head first- if you think, you found your true PURPOSE, that’s perfect. Let the idea first grow in your head. It can be couple of days, maybe weeks, or even months. Up to the point you see the step-by-step plan, and then you know what to do.

In conclusion, I would like to add one more example. This one is out of my own life. Not that what I achieved till now is comparable with Schwarzenegger story, but I would like to mention it for you to see that is possible.

I decided 2 years!! ago, that I am going to be an entrepreneur. The reasons why I wanted to switch from employment to being own boss are probably for a new blog post, but mainly was it because I was already tired to work for someone else and because I wanted to impact much more people’s lives-MY PURPOSE, than I was back then .

Now I knew my “why”, I could search for “what”. I had to refuse some relatively good options. There was a franchise in form of fitness center. The fixed location was problem for me. As a footballer you want to be location free, or flexible, let’s say. Then there was bar, to be overtaken. I wanted to help people, but I think, alcohol is always the last solution;-) I wanted to bring more impact. Then there was restaurant…still nothing.

Up to the day, where I decided I am going to help people to go beyond their limits. And I started my business.

If I am going to be successful? I think yes, but I don’t know yet. But it does not bother me. Why? Because I have my PURPOSE, helping others, if this will not work out, I’ll find better “what”.

I hope I could inspire you with my blog post. If you would have any question, or would like to share your experience with finding your true purpose in life, please leave them below. I would be more than happy to react.

Best luck!

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Sandra Hancock
4 years ago

Hi Julius,
My goodness – Your site is the first I have come too – totally inspired by the intro page and in particular the picture – ..”process of finding your purpose.” and ” all created with a purpose……” but that’s what makes us unique – appreciate this opportunity 🙂

4 years ago

What a great page this is! You’ve provided great information about life goals and purpose in life. Your personal touch to the post was a great touch. Thanks for all the great information.

Akoli Penoukou
4 years ago

I have to be frank with you, I’m still struggling in mature adult life to find the true purpose of my life. Sometimes I think it is to make people happy true writing. I have published one book but find i thard to go back and do more. Another time I think my purpose in life is to help others. Yes, but how?

I found some answers here but I will appreciate if you can help me with some specific advice.

Thank you for this piece.

Mike Beatty
4 years ago

This is awesome!

I really love the diagram I think finding that star area is something everyone is searching for!

Do you think it’s possible to find something that fits in that area for everyone? Or is it only something that some people will be able to find?

This has really got me thinking and I’m certainly going to reassess my values and purpose.

Thanks so much for sharing


4 years ago

Hello Julius,
This is such an important topic that is sometimes actually tempting to avoid. My biggest problem is that what I’m good at and love does not seem needed or profitable, at least not at this time. When you cannot financially support yourself with a passion, it makes you question how long you can continue working on that passion for practical reasons.

I feel that we can have more than one purpose. I am still searching for mine I suppose. However, I think being grateful and having a purpose of simply living and experiencing life for as long as possible can work as a basic purpose as well. Of course, perhaps I’m just trying to avoid the question. 🙂

I like your personal story at the end. Perhaps I just need to separate my why from my what. Thank you!

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