Hi everyone. In today’s article I would like to write, in order to help your productivity, about what to think on and what not. Because, there is no such a shame like using your unique thoughts on the things you can not influence. I was doing it for some period of my life. When I […]

In my today’s article I would like to show you how overcoming the challenges can boost your confidence. The post consist out of 3 ways to find limits. Make yourself some good drink, find some comfortable sit and enjoy the reading. Why I want to find my limits? It can be maybe crucial, to start […]

In my today’s post I would like to cover very important topic how are different distractions stopping us in being productive. In present era of Facebook, Instagram, what’s up and other social networking is this topic actually as never before. And no wonder that we are having troubles to stay focus while surrounded by modern […]

How to stop procrastinate? How many times have you hear yourself talking to you the type of sentences like, I watch just this one TV show and than I am going to finish my article? Or, I will just call Dave and later I am going to work finally, or Let me first read this […]

As I promised you at the end of my previous article How to become wiser, I am giving you some extension to it, or part two as I named it. I think that to make good working plan, you need to know what to plan and what don’t. And to help you to recognize that […]