How to make a good plan-RPM LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM review

How to make a good plan-RPM LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM review


Author: Tony Robbins

Price: 229 $

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Tony is the number one

In my today’s review I would bring you  some clarity about Tony’s RPM( rapid planning method) planner. For those who read  my previous articles or reviews, might come question, why so much of Tony Robbins?

Well, becasue he is the best! Would be the short answer.

Now more serious and longer answer. I am soon going to review about other products, with different authors. So there would be as well other people’s products on my website, no worries.

But, the fact is that quality of Tony’s work is huge. I think his own life, before he got super successful, during the process and now is perfect example that what he teaches really works.

There are numerous products he already released since he was 20. I am user some of them, and I just wish I could display you how much is my life better thanks to his products.

In short, I am more driven towards my targets, I have better structure and I am able PRIORITIZE. (There are other authors and their publications which helped me as well, but I think Tonny’s programs are having potential to reach the brightest audience and therefore help the biggest amount of the people.)

But this review is not supposed to be about my life journey, but about the program which can help you bring more structure in your every day life, but more imortantly, it can help you determine WHAT to actually plan.

If your common question is how to make a good plan, or how to be more productive, or if you have the feeling that you are not moving forward, despite your “planning”, then this program is a MUST.

What makes RPM so special?

As already mentioned, the RPM stands for rapid planning method. What does it means?

Well planning and method is clear for everyone I guess, but what the rapid means in this sentence?

Two biggest mistakes majority people do by setting up their plans are: either they do set up their plans according urgency instead of PRIORITY, this mistake grows into the problem to recognize WHAT to plan.

And second mistake, they miss the ACTION(if they wrote their plan correctly). For your immediate and RAPID activity you have to know, together with your WHAT your WHY.

WHAT and WHY, two most important ingredients of every single plan. And the RPM-life management planning system is showing you how to discover them and later how to implement them into your planning.

How will RPM help you?

At its core, Tony Robbins’ RPM planner incorporates an entirely new system of thinking. This custom life planner helps you focus first on WHAT it is you truly want, and then helps you systematically determine the best course of action to achieve it. What you’re left with is an achievable blueprint for goal completion, as opposed to a disjointed task list of busy work that takes you away from your ultimate goals.

Tony’s RPM life planner will help you:

1,Regain certainty that you are in control of every aspect of your life

2,Transition from an activity orientation to a results orientation

3,Increase your level of productivity

4,Replace your to-do list with an effective daily plan that maximizes your time and accomplishment

5,Create a powerful sense of purpose, drive and fulfillment every dayCreate a massive action plan to help you to achieve balance and make consistent progress

6,Track your progress, learn from past experiences and celebrate your victories

What you might expect once you’ll order your RPM?

The complete RPM Planners system includes:


Custom binder with zippered pouches

Time planning tools for monthly, weekly and daily goals and tasks

Project planners

Contact organizer


Communication planners


Personal data sheet

Massive action plan (MAP)

Meeting forms

Expense envelope

Auto service forms

User’s manual

AN EXTRA FOR VISITORS OF MY WEBunder this link you can see sample of the RPM workbook! Have a look what you will find inisde if you decide to change your life with Tonny Robbin’s RPM life management

Getting to the desired point quickly!

If you haven’t been able to make real progress or achieve your goals, it’s time to upgrade your to-do list with  Tony Robbins’ best-selling custom life planner.

The vast majority of time management systems and production tools on the market right now are missing the mark by focusing on one specific question: What do I need to do? These outdated methods and tools leave you with a list of “busy work” to create an illusion of progress.

Have you ever completed everything on your to-do list and still felt like you haven’t really accomplished anything? If so, then you understand the massive difference between movement and achievement. There is hardly something more de-motivating like repeating some activities, but not seeing results.

What do you think is the problem? If you are not sure, you don’t have to search any more longer, because Tonny Robbin’s RPM life management planning method will definitely help you.

There is maybe just small piece of the “puzzle” you are missing, but it can be as well something big you were overlooking at your journey towards your dreams.

Don’t go the same way like I went. You have the unique possibility to learn from the best in avoiding the unnecessary activities.

If you are searching for tool which can help you with question how to make a good plan, this product is the right answer. The RPM planner system acts as a catalyst for completing your ultimate goals and reaching your peak state. The system intuitively guides you through the RPM process and helps you develop the necessary skill sets to incorporate the massive action system into your daily life.

Complete with captivating and compelling graphics, convenient accessories and comprehensive forms, your RPM Life Planner may soon become indispensable to your success!

One extra thing what you might experience is, the 30 day money guarantee. If you are not happy or seeing any results within the first month(hardly imagine for me though-;), you have option to return the product and you will be refunded the full price without any questions.

That basically means you don’t risk anything, right?

I hope I could provide you some helpful informations about the RPM life management planning method. If you have any experiences, questions or tips related to the RPM, or any other questions, please write a comment, I will be more than happy to reply.

Please note, that if you would like to get reminded if I replied to your question within the comment, you would need to press button subscribe under your comment and leave your comment.

Thank you for reading it and stopping by.

Best luck towards your desired life.


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Tikisha hudson
Tikisha hudson
4 years ago

Omg. I Love Tony Robbins I was unaware of his products.

I ran across his messages on a couple of YouTube videos.

He got Oprah to walk across hot coal! ???

I don’t think he could get me to do that but he has driven me to be better through his stories and work.

He voice and work is truly a blessing to this World.

Thank you telling me about planner I have to check it out soon.

4 years ago

That’s definitely worth exploring, most of the time I face difficulties sticking to a to-do-list.
Do you know if the system works on Mac OS?

Thanks for a great discovery, Julius

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