Success is a system-review

Success is a system-review

Product name: Success is a system

Author: Michael Breen(one of the most successful NLP trainer)

Price: 297 $

Guarantee: 30 days

My rating: 9 out of 10

Being successful, is a dream for many people.

What the success actually is? Oxfords dictionary says, it is realization of something what you planned. I think, that is truth just halfway. Because think on all the persons, who won lottery, or were given a significant amount of money by heritage, or those, who were accidentally spotted on some party.

I like the definition Ivo Toman, motivational speaker provides, according him success is to create your life in accordance with your desires.

Whichever area of your life, you’d like to achieve success, you might find it easier and more realistic if you put effort towards achieving it. If you won’t just wait until it gonna happen.

Therefore, I would like to show you that success is a system.



Achieving success

I think the definition of success vary among the generation, but it varies as well among the people nowadays. Everyone wants from the life something else, that’s way you might want to achieve other things, like your neighbor.

For some of you, success would mean to do a job, you love, or to have a partner which will be beautiful and you are going to love unconditionally, and the or she is going to love you unconditionally, or to have a beatiful kid.

For some of you, success can state for helping certain amount of people, or to be owner of company, or to be owner of the house at particular place…whatever defines success for you, we all have to agree that majority is connecting success with ownership and money.

Whatever is object of your success, have you been thinking that you might have some “blocks” which are stopping you towards you success? If yes, did you define them already? Do you know how to eliminate them or how to replace them?

If you think, you don’t have any “blocks”, why you don’t have what you want then? Why are you not successful?

Success is a system

Whenever you see someone winning at life – you can be sure because they have a success system that supports them and is aligned to their goals. If you don’t agree, think about the all famous athletes, businessmen, or entrepreneur of any did they succeed? You will find definitely, various ways which led to the desired state, but there is something, they have in common, and that is system.

They have somehow – through life experiences, coaching or pure dumb luck managed to design a success system that supports them.

But you don’t have to rely on dumb luck because Michael Breen has cracked the code.

Over his years of coaching hugely successful people… the has identified the golden key.

He has worked out the system of success …the winners system. And best of all the has streamlined the process… making it applicable to anybody…

How the success is a system works?:

  • You pick one area of your life that you want to transform.
  • Over the next 90 days you will receive a daily ‘system hack’ email from Michael.
  • The coaching module consists of a daily email with accompanying video and implementation assignment.
  • Each day Michael will give you a tool, technique or exercise to practice.
  • These daily changes will stack on top of each other to create exponential results and a transformation at the end of the 90 days
  • And best of all…the time investment is 3 to 5 minutes a day – that’s it!

What this training includes?:

Module 1: Habit Hacking Your Life

Module 2: Subvert The System ( Achieve your goals faster with less effort)

Module 3: Heuristics For Building Your Own Success System

Module 4: JFDI – Decision Making & Action As One

Module 5: Right Action & Automating Momentum

Module 6: Productivity Hacking

Module 7: Catalyzing Resources

Module 8: The Critical Few & Making Everything Work

Reasons why success is a system will transform your life

1. It has been specifically designed to give you incremental changes every single day for 90 days-Choosing the right gradient is half the key to successful long term change. Success is a System focuses on one significant change at a time.

Rewiring your autonomic nervous system so that the changes stick and stay long after the 90 days have finished. Most people attend a course or read a book and make a change for a few weeks before it all fizzles out.

Hey, I get it, life happens!

BUT that won’t happen here because you only need to commit to 5 minutes a day. That’s all it takes – and anyone can find 5 minutes. Its not overwhelming and it’s quick and easy to do.

2. Every change stacks on top of the next- This is important because you don’t need to make a big change. In fact, did you know that your current programming and systems will actually fight and resist any big changes.

3. It Let’s you focus in an area of your life for a full 90 days– This is biggie because Let’s face it – we live in busy times… most people, myself included, don’t have the time to spend one 12 hour day focusing on my goals – let alone 3 whole months on one specific area of my life

Just by the fact that you will be picking one area of your life and every day for a minimum of 5 minutes you will be working on improving that area…will result in change. Add to that the magic of NLP, Michael Breen’s decades of experience coaching thousands of people and you can quickly see how this program is guaranteed to deliver results.

P.S.:Please note that the text out of chapters Success is a system and Reasons why success is a system will transform your life, is official text from the author’s website.

Advantages are huge here

That’s thruth, just to name the most important one here:

Content: The quality of the content itself is just breathtaking.

Price: You might say that almost three hundred euros, dollars or pounds are too much..but in reality it isn’t. Not, for this kind of value. Imagine that you will spend the following summer one week by the seaside somewhere abroad during the summer instead of usual two weeks.

Do you find it manageable? But more importantly, do you think, it’s worth of sacrificing one short holiday, or the LCD TV you wanted to buy to impress of your friends, in order to massive change in your life? You have to answer yourself, but honestly, if you are serious about your life change, about your success, I don’t see many reasons why to hesitate anymore.

Guarantee: If you decide, give it a try you don’t risk anything. Because, there is amazing 30 days guarantee, without stating a reason for you intention.

Time safer: Something, I was not sure at the beginning. But now, I totally agree. The 5 minutes, if spend correctly and regularly can really make the change you want. It is always better if yo spend less time regularly towards some desired goal, like more time, but irregularly.

Author: Michael Breen is one of the industry’s most well respected Executive Coach and Master NLP Trainers. With his over 30 years experience teaching NLP around the world and For 10 years cooperation in the form of workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna makes him definitely, the right man doing this program.

Give yourself a gift you deserve

As I wrote in the beginning my review, many people would like to achieve success. And that’s correct, if you are one of those as well, and if you did not achieve desired success yet, then success is a system is a must.

You can just try it ( 30 days guarantee) without risking anything.

That’ way, if you are unhappy with your progress, or with the state you are right now, give yourself this gift. Find if this system, is what you are missing and you won’t regret it.

There is nothing more sad, if you are trying to succeed, but you are spending months maybe years with wrong strategy.

If you by any chance think, that it is too late for anything to change, check my post, about changes at any age ,and you might feel much more comfortable to make significant steps towards your dreamed life. Every single day, there is chance to make your life better.

I am really happy if you made it to the end of my post. I hope you could find some valuable content in there, if so, please write your comments below and share it with your friends, so more people will get this chance to be successful.

Best luck!

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Jonathan Lim
4 years ago

Yes, I believe success is a system. I believe it is the habits that we have that come from our daily life behavior. Like waking up earlier, read books, being productive and so on. All this requires discipline to repetitively doing it until it forms a habit, and therefore a system. Good one!

Ivan Brozincevic
4 years ago

Thanks for reviewing Succes is a System program. I heard about it and decided to give it research first. It’s sound great. A bit pricy though, but there’s money-back guarantee so it alright. I study success habits in my spare time while I’m not working on my business. Because of those habits I have a business to work on! Changing your habits towards your goals and then following through with persistence is a key. Thanks again for sharing this program. Best of luck.

4 years ago

Success has indeed many facets. In my opinion, in short, Success is mastering a given topic or task. For some success is to pass the exam, or to win the desired sports champipnship for some, it is to finally find the products they are long-time after, for some to earn billions of dollars, for some to get healthy again after illness or injury.

Many programs online offer “Success Mastermind programs” or “Steps to Success” series of lessons.

If we are speaking about Success in online marketing, obviously it is measured with financial success. Whatever program you choose it is not easy to make money online and to become a successful online marketer.

However, thanks for sharing your opportunity. Maybe it is also a way to become a master in making money online and gain success online. 

Thanks for sharing,

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