Life without limits 1. : Why isn’t too late for that change?

Life without limits 1. : Why isn’t too late for that change?


Life without limits I.

Why isn’t too late for that change?

Welcome at my second article. In this one I would like to cover target of many people, as well as mine, which is: Life without limits. I don’t know how about you, but having life without limits it’s something I am really passionate about. To be able to discover my true potential. Have you ever thought about how it would be if there were no limitations towards your dreamed life? Often, I hear people saying that they can not achieve that or that because of their age. Is it as well your opinion?

Making changes at any age

Firstly, let me show you some examples from a real life. Maybe you heard some of those already. If not it, let me show you some significant cases were human achieved something big in the age, majority considered high. Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine and let’s get inspired .

The first one is the name Harald Sanders, many of you probably don’t know it. But if I would say KFC, almost everyone will recognize the famous crunchy and crispy chicken. Mr. Sanders is founder of the company. The official start of his business was made when he was 69 years old!! I think huge amount of people are finishing their working life at that age. Pretty big success, if we consider that just 4 years earlier he was earning 105 dollars as a social security retirement payment and also, he used to sleep in back of his car time to time. In 2016 the annual revenue of the company was 8,45 billion dollars.

Timothy Dalton appears on TV screens as a James Bond when he was 41 years old. Definitely older one as the majority of other actors who acted like the most famous secret agent. Coco Chanel made her last famous opening of her saloon in 1954 as a 71 years old one. Jaromir Jagr, Czech professional hockey player is playing professionally while being 46 years old. Juan Sebastian Veron, Argentinian professional soccer player returned to play as 42 years old.

And as a last example I would like to mention myself, I returned to play as a paid soccer player twice. First time after 4 years break and second time after 3 years break. If you are following professional sport, you may know how difficult those comebacks could be, or how difficult could be to playing after you turned 40. If you are not following professional sport, believe me, it is very hard. I did not want to brag a lot, that is definitely not the purpose, but what I wanted to point out with the introduction and what the examples can demonstrate you, CHANGE is possible, not depending on your age.

Those examples are covering fields, which are very popular among younger generations, business, acting, fashion and sport. I know that sport has the most examples, and I am mentioning sport often in my website, but this is the field I am myself active in and which I feel best in. If I would be active in other fields, or if I would spend some time on doing research in other fields, like science, maths, law, etc I am pretty sure I would find another examples, when the age was not the LIMIT.

Cases when there was an invention made by someone who would be publicly described as “old”, for example some medicine product or discovery of new physical law. But I wrote the occurrences known to me, in the fields my biggest interests is. There are as well plenty of other, publicly non-known events like that or even you know personally or have heard someone who did something exceptional at higher age.

Shouldn’t media help us?

So, why do you think that you are too old to change?

One problem could be the influence of media. Mentioning TV, internet or magazines. If you look around, almost everywhere is presented the cult of youth. That is the reason why various actresses, TV reporters or different publicly active women try to stay, or at least try to look young. Several from them are able to make drastic diets or over priced plastic surgeries.

Obviously, most of them are doing it to secure their jobs or in order to extend their careers. Problem appears when these trends are followed by common women. Or, I should say publicly non-active women, so I won’t offend any woman. This influence goes further to daughters of those women. And so it goes further and further. Like a wheel.

I think that trying to stay fit and active, full of energy at any age is essential to be successful and to live happy and healthy life. If you are practicing regular moving activities, eating healthy food, learning new skills that keep your mind fresh, then the feeling of being young is coming naturally as a SIDE EFFECT. The issue it becomes when the young look becomes our first objective or interest.

In the present times, media are setting extraordinary pressure on the masses to stay or to look young. Depends on single human how free he or she decided to stay. Even if it is not always easy, but you have always choice of which information you are consuming. Other source which could influence us think about the age as a limit, is our surrounding.

Importance of who is next to us

How many times you have heard you mother asking you : “ When I will have first grandchild?’’ or “ When are you going to get married?” And similar.

In short, our surrounding, our family and friends, would always push us in some way to follow some kind of time frame of life changes. If you are having different opinions on the line of your life than people close to you, it would highly matter what is the quality of your surrounding. Whose understanding can be important for your feeling of happiness, while making some unpopular decisions.

The time frame of majority people could look like this:

-at some time between 20-25(depending on your studying), you are expected to be finishing your school attendance

-after successfully finishing it, you are expected to find job.

-after some years spent at your “safe” working place, you are expected to find your life partner. Because, you see everyone else doing it.

-again some time will pass before you will decide that all the imperfections of your life partner are not so bad and you are able to accept. And therefore you might decide that it is time to move to live together. After some successful years of common living you might decide to buy a property together, most likely with mortgage.

-and there will come some moment you will probably decide, that it is time to have a kid

Now, I am not saying that is bad. if your life also has similar time frame and you are happy in all areas of your life, with you relationship, family and working life, with the place you are living and you friends, that’s the most important.  But I also know, that there are people, often very skilled and driven people, whose time frame is different. Some of them might not find their ideal partner before their 40th birthday. Are they not happy because of that? Of course not!

In the western society, it si common that all of that, written above, would happen before you will turn 30. And so you, would be expected to live for the rest of your life. Is that attractive? Is that done you might asked? Again, it depends. What if you decide to make changes after that age? Can you? Of course. Greater part of people have a huge problem or are having some stereotypical dogmas, in relation with any changes after being thirty years old.

But let’s don’t forget that, there are divorces, you might be fired, company will bankrupt.  Just to mention one more fact to think, according the newest research 50% of marriages fail after 7 years. That is every second marriage. There are happy couples who are going to move in together because of good reasons, but statistics are showing really bad numbers.

I think that if you have some kind of frame that is OK. It is important to have an idea, or better say to have a plan, when and how would you like to achieve that or that. And I have to say that if you would like to achieve something particular then you have to have a precise plan, because without a plan, it’s your dream just a desire or wish. And without a precise plan you would succeed just in terms of accident.


But what I mean is that you don’t have to follow commonly accepted and usually used time frames. Like finishing the school at certain age, depending on your level, or finding your first job, which one you would stuck for long time, buying your first house, having the first kid and so on until certain age. What I mean as well is that you have to stay on your own way even sometimes you might experience pressure from your friends, family or media. Your time frame could be completely different from your friends or family. And that is completely fine, there are almost 8 billions people on the Earth, everyone is unique, so it is your life story and so it is your time frame. All what I am trying to say is, that don’t feel bad if you are not following the pattern people around you or your role models are having.


Values. Belief. Desire.

How you could resist the pressure coming from the outside sources? I think to live a life in connection with your values, can be a big help. And one more important think what can help you to stay on track and that is your DESIRE. Because if you are living your life according your values that is perfect, but if your desire and BELIEF in your idea being real and alive is not strong enough, you would most likely not be successful.

Believe in your idea. Make it real in your mind first, then you may persuade others to believe in it. Not the other way around. Be committed to it. Make it your last and first of your day. When you wake up keep it in your head and before you are going to sleep as well.

There is perfect small trick which can help you to stay focused. Put your idea, dream, desire, wish on some well visible place, where you can see it every day, where you can remind it to your mind. Until your mind would take it as a reality and after that it would be easier for you to stay immune against some pressure from outside world. I know your boss may want something from you, or your spouse, or your kids, or your friends. But there is always a polite way to tell them that you need to do this thing first. It is all about your priorities.

Believe in your idea or in your ability even if you are according the “common requirements” too old, too young. But as well if you hear that you are ugly, small, tall, not communicative, too communicative, homo, hetero, woman, man.( I am mentioning the time limitation we are having sometimes, but there could have been more limitations people can consider as a limit, in both examples it is important to believe in your idea more than your worries what others would think about you.) And then you might experience your life without limits.

Let’s make us an example. You are 35 years old, married, having 2 kids, house with mortgage and well-paid and respected job. But you got fired. After your first shock and realization what had happened to you, you realize that you would like to start something completely new after this not very nice experience, out of your field you were working until now, your entire professional life basically.

Maybe you would even like to start some new business by doing your life passion.

But this new field you would like to start would require some new skills and knowledge and you know that to gain that, the best would be to start study at college or apprenticeship in some company, where you will be among teenagers.Now. Your friends, family members including your wife, other members of your circle would find it crazy not even inappropriate to attend college or having the same salary as a teen people. What would you?

I see that you have two options. Even you give up and will find job in your old field and stay on the same way, and keep listening your friends how your decision is good, while you would feel empty, maybe depressed or you would trust and believe in your idea and follow your heart, what could lead into the life you always wanted to have. There might be time to time feelings of loneliness coming, because not that your closest might not support you, but also persons in your new collective would not be probably happy to have some “old” fellow in the team. They had believe in receiving some same aged ”dude” they would talk about friday parties.

Be patient.

There are countless other examples. Also in different fields of life.

If you decide to make some significant or just simple changes, but you did not find the courage to do it, hopefully this article could help you on the way towards your life without limits. And if you decide you will do it, that is perfect and I congratulate you, but stay on the track and be patient as well, because it can be easy to give up after a while if it is not going the right way, but you would like to stay and keep persuading. I know you can, everyone can. Don’t be harsh on you, if you will start, that’s already big achievement, be proud of you and as the time will go, you will feel much more confident with your change. Once again, stay patient. It requires time, but if you will stay, your life can change dramatically.

Essentially, you could have been considered as an old crazy person, receiving strange looks or you can be happy with your decision despite opinions of others. I don’t know what you would do. But I chose to be happy and follow my heart despite disagreement or strange looks from others.

One example from my own life, which could maybe inspire you :I made 2-3 serious career turns and I made one just before turning 30. I am as well not afraid to make changes in the working life later. I did not have this ability earlier, I had to build it up and so it is with everything.


I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would like to point out, that you have options to make a comment or give me your feedback anytime you would like.

Thank you for reading it and best luck!!

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