How to become wiser?

How to become wiser?

Honestly, how many times per day, or per week are you saying to yourself: ‘’Oh, my God, I have again forgotten it, am I really dump ’’..?If you are using it as majority of population, you might easily start to have a feeling that you are becoming dump. I would like to show you, how to become wiser.

Time demand

As the society, technology, relationships, or basically any aspect of our life is changing, speed of it is increasing and the data or information we are daily receiving from outside are rapidly increasing, it is obvious that people are forgetting more. The pace of our life is pushing us to remember more and more on every day basis.

True is, that in the present times, volume of those data are overwhelming. The companies are running for the profit despite missing personal, in developed world women are earning the same salaries like men, which increase their working time, therefore they have less time for their kids, maybe your community is requiring your higher presence.

There are people who are trying to sell you something. By the way, the general marketing and commercials became more aggressive, don’t you think? And so we can name other examples of how nowadays world requires importance of being well time managed. The demand onus is higher. To be well organized,  planning can hugely help.

In order to fulfil those new claims, or higher requirements you’d need to find more time or better say, you need to better manage your time. Because if you are spending lot of time at work, you have to find extra time for your kids, if you want to be good father or mother.

If you want to do fitness, and you have a job and those kids you need time. If you want to have a proper sleep and proper rest you need time. And then calls, meetings, messages, …

Time, time, time!

The important, essential value which we all gained the same amount. Basically the only one, we all got the same if you think about it.

The highest paid business, but as well any homeless guy, they both have 24 hours day. So as you do.

There are two really important things which are increasing your productivity. And that is knowing your values as a first and then effective planning as a second.

Knowing your values is so crucial for direction and quality of your life in every aspect, that its ignorance is bringing life full of confusion and darkness. To know how and what to plan in terms of days, weeks, months or years you need to know your values.

Otherwise, you would not know what to resume in your plan or how to create it. So please, please, please…spent some quality time on knowing your priorities before you start to set up your plan.

As the topic of planning consists of many related subtopics, and the content of it, would take much more space as one article, I decided to write more articles following each other.

In today’s article I am going to write about, how important is to make notes in everyday life. This strategy can help you spot immediate idea and note it, that you won’t forget it, as well as it can serve you as a help tool if you are having some troubles with your present project, or maybe the most important out of all, it can bring you more structure into your life.

Use pen and paper and you won’t feel dump

I used again the word dump. But if you feel it that way or if you found yourself in the description I used at the beginning of this article, then usage of those simple tools will definitely help you.

Oh, I remember, how I felt when my friend, who showed me personal development, told me to use the pen and paper. I was like, he really thinks I am so old to write everything down?! 😉

So happy, I started to do it, despite my hesitation at the beginning. Why is the writing things down so crucial? There are two main reasons.

First is, that when you write those things, which are in your mind on the paper, it is out of your head. It does not mean that the issue or problem is solved, it means that your mind is free. And ready to find rational way into solution.

So easy and so simple. But it works. And if you are not sure about how that could help, let me tell you that there is a huge benefit of having your mind free. For example, free mind is allowing you to enjoy the present moment, to the fullest.

Also, by doing it, there is automatically space for new ideas. Take as an example situation that you are worried about something, or you have some issue in your life and you know that you need to solve it. If you write the things down, you can create precise plan, which you can follow step by step and help you  find solution.

Or it can help you to follow the plan towards your goal. Another essence of success. Isn’t that amazing? By just writing the things down, you become less worried, because your mind is free, quicker with your action, what means you become more productive and happier.

If you start doing it, often you will see that the  issue, which could have been before the seed of worries, is not that big as you might think at the beginning.

It will give you as well more time, which you can use on different activities. And as mentioned you will find the solution quicker. Why quicker? Because if you will see it on paper, you will offload the emotions out of it and see it rationally.

Profit from momentum

And this is also helping you in the terms of momentary inspiration. If you would have your notebook with you it can help you, not to forget that great moment.

Who knows, maybe that would be the millionaire idea you have been waiting for so long. Maybe it will be nothing and later on you will throw it out. But that is OK as well. Keep writing your ideas, emotions, impressions down and you will see big difference in your life.

Many people laughed at me when I told them I am leading my personal diary. Thirty years old and writing your diary? Aren’t you a bit old for that? Well, I can guarantee you that those people are not further in achieving their goals like people who are writing own diary.

Relaxing activities like sauna or swimming are very common occasions for it, even your bed is perfect place too. You can even write it while in toilet, perfect place to be calm. It can be basically everywhere, where you can find your peace, inspiration. Keep searching for those places in order to let your imagination work it will pay its reward later. Do you know what I mean?

Or you can be afraid what the other would say…I hope you would rather live your own life, right?

Week of writing your ideas

So in conclusion, write things down to free up your mind, what allows you to create the step by step plan to solve your issue or achieve your goal whatever you are dealing with right now. And therefore it can help you to transform your dream from your unconscious mind towards the action by following your written plan.

So let’s make an experiment if you are with me, OK? Try to begin the process of writing your ideas down for a week, then try one week without it and you will see if it is working for you or not. OK? I am sure you can do it. And let me know if you see any difference. If you will see the differences as I did, it can completely change your life.

So, that was it for this time. In connection to that article I will post one about, how to plan things sufficiently in order being less dumb and more efficient. I hope I inspired you a bit towards your way on how to become wiser.

Any comment, suggestion, or own experience of how usage of writing your ideas down helped you, would be really appreciate.

best luck,




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4 years ago

Very thought provoking and well written. Thanks a lot.

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