Living a life with passion

Living a life with passion

There are many signs you can recognize a happy person. From a huge smile, which people in the countries of east block used to call an American, through a lot of energy, till a straight walk.

But what you maybe did not realize, that a lot out of that is, because happy people are living a life with passion.

Now, what does it mean? How can someone add passion into their life? May you be one of them as well? Let us have a closer look, to see if you can insert the important formula into your life, so you be living a life with passion.

PASSION is not the same as PURPOSE.

Exactly. They are not the same, even people do often exchange them, because they tend to have similar meaning, yet impact on one’s life, but there are some differences you should know.

I was questioned by some people, on how to live a life with a PURPOSE, and often they meant PASSION, or the other way around, when they were searching for PASSION, but all they needed was to find their PURPOSE. Hopefully, within this article I will be able to put more insight into the many minds.

I know it can be hard to recognize, which one is which, but for your future success, or simply for you, being internally aligned with your life it is very helpful if you know the differences between two of them.

Very first difference is the length of which is passion or purpose present in one’s life. While you can be passionate about something, or someone for so short like week, your purpose should be present here for years, or even decades, if you want to build something significant.

The second very important difference is shortly described as, your PASSION being your “what” and your PURPOSE being your “why”.

You might find passion for some activity, but just your purpose will be decisive for you, and your commitment.

How can I find my PASSION?

Have you been doing something and you forgot the time? When you were finished you were surprised, how late was it already. You were in “flow”, while you were doing your activity. And that particular activity, have a big chance to be your passion.

If you would like to find how else could you find your passion, this can be some help indicator:

-if you decide to stay busy with “it” rather than go outside with your buddies

-if you are waking up with feeling, ideas or thoughts about “it”

-if you are going to sleep and you are still thinking about “it”

-if “it” is being part of your conversation at home, while working, or talking to your friends

-if you find hard to imagine, that your life would be without “it”

There are obviously other signs, that can help you discover your passion, but if you see some above written in your life, you can be sure, you found your PASSION.

Why live my life with PASSION?

I think, at the beginning of my post, I mentioned already how living your life together with passion can positively impact yours, but as well others life.

Person having PASSION present in his or her life is more attractive and same, inspirational. We can look on this topic from various perspectives. If someone is living life with PASSION, he or she is not thinking about the importance, the PASSION is fulfilling. For them, it is somehow automatically there.

To that group of people belong talented sportsmen or women, singer, actors, mainly persons, who were born with some talent or some specific skills.

But there are as well people who don’t have or even didn’t have any driving force in their life. They are living, working, having time-to-time joy, but most of the time they have feeling that all day do, is just their “duty”.

Now, I don’t want to cause some misunderstanding, we all need to earn money, pay bills, comply with the law…we all have some “duties”, but all of that is more enjoyable, if you have time for your PASSION.

Right outcomes of our PASSION

If you are lucky enough, and have PASSION in your life, you have done it from half. Why just from half? Because next to the right outcomes, there are unfortunately also wrong impacts of the passionate life. In this paragraph I am going to write some good ones.

Besides already mentioned better impression we are spreading, like being more energetic, more smiling, attractive and inspirational, which is already bringing you to completely other level of life experience, as you are connecting with people easier, you are attracting the same type of people as well. But we are living it also on inner level. We are much happier, if there is PASSION in our life.


If we are gone through though time or if we are just not satisfied at one area of our life, we still feel our life have the right reason. For example, we can have critical days in our relationship, but knowing that our work is something we are passionate about, we see all the present problems with distance. If your life is full filing you, the obstacles seems to be easier to overcome.

The ideal state, how to connect your PASSION with something deeper, is if you can align it with your PURPOSE. If you would like to know more about it, please check my other article, on topic of purpose Finding your purpose in life.

Wrong outcomes of our PASSION

Unfortunately, next to the happy and positive moments’ life with PASSION can bring us, there are some occasions, when it can drive us the other direction.

If we are passionate about healthy lifestyle or about helping others, and all of that we are doing in compliance with our PURPOSE, we can change lives of many people. Ours included.

But if we are passionate about wrong things, we can easily destroy perspective of one’s successful or happy life. I wrote about the older men, who might find themselves being passionate or obsessed with some younger beautiful girl and that’s way destroying the harmonic family life they have built.

Other examples, are gambling, smoking, drinking, watching TV or playing PC games, sex, stealing, “dieting” and many others. In those cases is the impact tragic. Of course, if we are doing some of those activities uncontrolled, we are talking more about addiction. But at the start there was some PASSION and that helped started this behavior.

Would not be better to turn your passion for computers into being web designer? Who can help companies or individuals to grow their business. Or your passion for TV turn to start write scripts? Sounds crazy? Let me tell you something 75% of successful people grew up in poor conditions.

I am passionate football player and coach. So I read plenty of stories of successful players. Majority of them were born as poor persons. Their parents did not have plenty of money, or contacts on right places. But they have a PASSION, and dedication, of course a bit of luck too.

Maybe you are not dreaming about being the world famous inventor or star, that’s ok. You don’t have to be, that is not purpose of this text, but what would your life be, if you are going to wake up every day with the feeling, that you are living a life with PASSION? And that by that you might be helpful to others? I think, that is one of the best feelings you can have.

Nowadays, we are living in perfect time era. You can build business, basically out of everything. Just listening to your heart, needs of others and needs of market and you will find it! How to start a business out of nothing is topic of another post.

PASSION is the driving force

I hope my a bit crazy approach did not scared you. My intention here is not to point out about human vices or bad. As well as I don’t wish to put a passionate life as a solution to all problems. What I intent to write about was, how richer our life can be if we add some right PASSION into it.

As we all have just limited time on the earth, we should think carefully, how we are going to spend it. Living a life with passion is definitely the way how we can discover our limits. And next to it, we can influence and change some other people’s life for good. That is something unbelievably perfect.

Does not matter what you do, where you live, how much you earn, you all can take care that your life is reasonable, passionate, full of purpose and happy.

I hope my post could help you see the differences between right and wrong outcomes, PASSION can have and that after reading it, you get some positive inspiration towards your desired life.

If you have any experiences with living a life with passion yourself, or have any tip or question, please share them below and I will be more than happy to react.

Best Luck!


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4 years ago

Hi, that was a very inspiring article about living a life with passion. For sure!

Many people struggle to find meaning in life and that is probably because somehow they lack passion in what they are doing. Everyone has something they enjoy doing and that’s what makes them alive.
As you said, we have a very limited time on earth, so why waste it away doing the things that are not aligned with our purpose and passions?

4 years ago

I found this article very interesting because I have never separated my purpose from my passion as they have always been the same. I have a passion for my purpose if you like. Guess I am just lucky that way.

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