How do you break bad habits?

How do you break bad habits?

Did you find yourself wondering why you do something over and over again? That’s habit. All what we do on regular basis, is our habit.

Unfortunately many people are living a life consisting out of many bad habits. If you are successful, happy, financially or physically healthy, living a life full of love…all is result of your habits.

When you have knowledge what to do in order to live the life you always wanted then you are in minority, but definitely at a good place. Majority, is still searching for the right ways or systems to find the balance. For all wanderers and seekers I would like to help you. Let me show you how do you break bad habits.

What you do every day, counts

What is actually habit? That is one or eventually more activities, done on regular basis. If you are traveling to your daily job by car, that’s your habit. When you visit fitness center, when you watch news every day, meet friends on particular evening, when you smoke…all are your habits.

As you can see from the paragraph above, there are good and bad habits. How successful, happy, healthy…you are going to be depends, if your life is prevailed by good ones or bad ones. So simple it is.

How were successful people created? They are having good habits! The rule of 10 000 hours is defining that to experience success in any field, you have to spend exactly 10 000 hours of training. Out of my own life, I have to prove, that it works!

Someone who founds such a big motivation to train or educate himself for 10 000 hours has to have good habits. I hope you can have a clue now, how it’s important to have set of good habits. Now, how to form good habits?

You are not broken

In case, your life is led by wrong habits, do not despair. There is always a space for improvement.

If you are not where you want to be, doesn’t matter in which area of your life, you probably don’t have good habits. In order to implement them in your life, you have to first define your bad habits and replace them with the good ones.

There is a program made, which can help you with that.


The thing what scares me a lot, is that the biggest part of our habits, were not created consciously. In the beginning of our childhood we learned ways to act and over the time those patterns became somehow automatic.

Up to 4th year(some studies stating up to the 6th) is single human being creating those patterns. And those patterns are responsible for the 80% !!! of human behavior and beliefs later in the life.

Isn’t that unbelievable?

If you were born, with some dogmatic wrong beliefs and you will not work on changing them, you might easily fail.

If your patterns were wrong, you can still change them.

But, it requires some work -;)

Changing your map

As mentioned in order to change your state you have to replace the functional patterns or maps with such, which are going to work.

In one book I read interesting example. Imagine that you were driving home from work through the same route every day for 10 years. Your habitual route. Now, you moved out within the same city. What would happen? For the first weeks you will have intention to turn out wrong. To the “old route”.

That is exactly what’s happening in your brain, if you try to make changes in your habits, or your patterns, or your so called thinking maps.

Every change requires time. You have to be patient. You lived with your habits for years, why you would expect, that change them would happen overnight? Important is, that you are aware of the change, aware of the bad habits you are having and you make decision to change them.

Changing your route of the thinking is essential for everyone, who wants to have reach big goals, or at least for someone who wants to improve his/her life. Because all it begins in your head, in your brain. For that you need to first discover what your new “maps” should be.

An example: you aren’t are going to the gym, because in order to stay healthy you don’t have to…that is your old “map”( you might be influenced by your family where none of its members was attending gym)

In order to stay healthy I have to go to the gym…is your new “map” ( you might start to be overweight, flatulent, slow in motion)

To make such a mind switch, you need time and discipline and big motivation and persistence. It ain’t gonna be easy, but there is program, which can help you with that.

Changing habits equals making changes

In the previous paragraph I wrote about, mind maps and how to change them. Their quality have crucial impact on quality of your mind, therefore on quality of your life. To change them, you need time.

There are other habits, which have crucial impact on your life, and the time required to change them, in case they are wrong, is much shorter, like changing your mind.

Which are the most often bad habits people have?:

1. Snacking & over-eating all the time

2. Spending too much time watching TV

3. Staying up late

4. Sleeping in

5. Checking your email several times a day

6. Checking social media too often

7. Skipping the gym

8. Procrastinating

9. Drinking too much alcohol

10. Not following through on what you said

Can you start waking up earlier overnight? I think you can. If you know that too much TV is your problem, can you switch it off straight away? I think yes. Or can you start checking your Facebook less? I think you can, you can even delete your account. ( Or stop using it for a while)

All depends on your motivation. Is your motivation, your desire for the change high? Are you already sick of being unproductive, unhealthy, too comfortable or obese?

Have look here, and you can see what helped thousands of people in the similar place, like yours.



Can you teach old dog new tricks?

I am 100% sure you can. I know you can make changes at any age, there are proven examples showing that.

People who say, it is not possible are the comfortable one. They are living inside of their comfort zone and think, that’s the only way. That they were born, taught, or educate that way and now they can do anything with that.

Well, that’s one big lie. People would lie themselves instead of work on change. Because making changes can be painful. And it is uncomfortable, and it takes time. After all, you want quick results like? So quick, like the McDonald make their burgers.

If you read the entire post, you know you should know by now, that you need some time to see your desired result.

Why am I so sure about that you can make changes anytime and under any circumstances? Out of my own life! There were times, when I thought I knew everything. And it was hardly to imagine for me to be doing something other than playing soccer. I thought that just up to the point, I was not able to play soccer, as I used.

What now? I could stay sad, depressive and screw on entire world….or I could teach some new skills and restart. What would you do? Well, at certain point, I did not have choice. If I wanted to live happy life, I had to change. Had to change my “thinking map”.

On top of that I changed my place of living, my unhealthy environment of friends and most important my beliefs. All of that while at the age, when my old school mates were setting up their own families.

You see, there is never too late and there is never time you should think you can not change. If I could do it, you can as well.

I wish you best in order to change your habits. If you would like to know how do you break bad habits, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave them here and I will be more like happy to help you out.

Best luck!

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