How to form good habits- Habit Hack review

How to form good habits- Habit Hack review

Product name: Habit Hack

Author: Michael Breen( NLP trainer)

Price: 295 $

Guarantee: 30 days

My Rating: 9,9 out of 10

Did you know that 45% of your behavior is controlled by your habits? Surprised? There are researches done on that topic, which are proving this statement as a fact.

How happy are you with your habits? Does your life require significant change, but you are failing to implement those changes into your life?

If you, are are like standard student of personal development you might be as well:

-You are dissatisfied with your current results…

-You know you’re capable of much more but can’t seem to ‘turn it on’…

-You’ve read a ton of books, attended a bunch of courses, got motivated, tried a bunch of things but results were … far from stellar.

In fact, largely your life looks much the same. You’ve never really cracked how to create real BREAKTHROUGH CHANGE. It’s OK, you are not alone and it’s not all your fault.

The question you might want to ask you

rself is, how to form good habits? Those which will last. Let’s discover it if you can as well build a new habit. I am inviting you, to find out how you can change your life directly from the point you are right now!

Habits control your life

If you, are don’t believe think about this one.

How in shape or out of shape you are…is result of your habit.

How happy or unhappy you are….is result of your habit.

What kind of job or how much money you are earning/possessing…is result of your habit.

That we can go further and further. Every are of your life is influenced by your habit.

Your relationship, career, health, wellness, finances, etc.

Your habits either propel you towards success and the realization of your goals…

… or left unchecked hurtle you downwards towards failure and another loop around frustration and the status quo.

And the scary thing is… our habits for the most part, were not created consciously. Beginning in childhood we learned ways to act and over time those patterns because habitual, unconscious and automatic.

The Habit machine created both good and bad habit.

It’s not just that we have good habits or bad habit. It’s the impact they have on our lives.

Our health, our careers, our relationships, our sense of well-being.

You see in any area of your life where you’d like to be more successful, there are specific habits that people who are successful use.

If you, are want to be more successful, healthier, in better shape, make more money, be happier etc., there are habits that you use will give you that.

However there is a powerful force that literally switches off part of your brain, so you can’t see when a harmful habit is working.

It’s like you look out and think you correctly observe the world, but you’re looking through rose-tinted glasses and can’t see how key bad habits, are holding you back, blocking the path, obstructing your way.

Common Bad Habits

1. Snacking & over-eating all the time

2. Spending too much time watching TV

3. Staying up late

4. Sleeping in

5. Checking your email several times a day

6. Checking social media too often

7. Skipping the gym

8. Procrastinating

9. Drinking too much alcohol

10. Not following through on what you said


Habit Hack

Let the secrets of neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming show you how to form new habits and break bad ones.

When you learn how to hack your habits you put yourself back in the driving seat.

How can habit hack help you:

Improve your health. Lose weight. Increase your fitness.

Chances are you already know what to do to get in better shape. To be fit. To lose the belly tire. But the problem is, you aren’t doing it. Or doing it consistently. So your weight yo-yo’s.

Habit Hacking doesn’t teach you yet another strategy to lose weight, it focuses on how to form new habits easily (even enjoyably). It shows you how to consistently do the small handful of critical behaviors that are needed to be successful build any kind of habit you want. It gives you the toolkit to change habits for yourself. To reinvent your life.

Skyrocket your productivity. Kick-ass on your goals.

Do you procrastinate? Are you frequently late to meetings? Do you leave ‘difficult’ work to the last minute? Do you check your email before bed? Bad productivity habits abound. They wreak havoc on your career, relationships and self-esteem.

But you don’t have to live with them! Imagine replacing your bad habits with good ones. How much more productive would you be? Habit Hacking shows you how to break bad habits for good, using neuroscience and NLP.

Become happier. Confident. More Zen like.

What you do is who you become. Got a nagging internal voice that makes you feel bad? Tired of feeling like someone took the colour out of life? Would you like to be more ‘present’ at the moment or build that mediation habit?

Habit Hacking employs the latest academic research, real-world experiments & leading edge behavioral change technology so you can build rock-solid habit… so you can feel happier, more confident and enjoy more inner peace.

Discover your blind spots. Become more successful.

Everyone has got habits that cause them to fail time and again. You can’t get to where you want to go if you keep doing what isn’t working. You need altitude on your behavior to see what really stopping you. To plug the leaky holes in your game.

Habit Hacking shows you how to spot and fix the holes in your bucket, the blind spots so you can be far more successful at whatever you choose


The place were your life change begins

Inside habit hacking you will…

Discover Science Backed Principles To Change Habits FAST.

Learn how to ‘hack your habits’ using strategies supported by the latest science backed research and discoveries from neuroscience.

Discover The 5 Step Model To Break Bad Habits. Cold.

Let’s face it. Bad Habits carry negative consequence but often feel good in the short term. ‘Habit Hacking’ teaches you a proven process to kick bad habit. Best of all, you can do it as easy as a-b-c.

Get Expert Step-By-Step Guidance From A Renowned Change Master

Habit Hacking’ is designed to give you step-by-step ‘hacks’ organized in to a powerful habit hacking system. Each ‘hack’ builds on the hack before it to create an unstoppable bond so you can create (or break) habits with greater ease!

Leverage The Power of NLP To Reprogram Your Mind & Body

We’re not interested in change that only lasts a little while. Get change that sticks. Learn the secrets to creating lifetime habit. Using powerful principles drawn from NLP to break bad habits & form new ones, fast..

Show Willpower The Door!

You’ve tried using willpower alone; it almost never works and is too much hard effort. Using a combination of scientific research and powerful NLP techniques, ‘Habit Hacking’ will show you the secrets to hacking your way to building successful habit.

Form New Habits. The Right Habits. Success Emerges…

If you, are want to lose weight, stop procrastinating, make more money, change your career or achieve any other goal… it comes down to doing the right things, consistently. ‘Habit Hacking’ gives you the BLUEPRINT for forming habits easily and effortlessly.

Get Expert Step-By-Step Guidance From A Renowned Change Master

Habit Hacking’ is designed to give you step-by-step ‘hacks’ organized in to a powerful habit hacking system.

Each ‘hack’ builds on the hack before it to create an unstoppable bond so you can create (or break) habits with greater ease!

Learn One Skill. Change Anything.

Habit Hacking is designed to teach you the ONE skill that you can use to change (almost) anything. The benefits compound the more you use the SYSTEM.

Practically “Foolproof”

‘Habit Hacking’ is designed so failing to form new habits (or break bad ones) is practically fail proof.

Even your mum would be impressed how easy and straight-forward this course is.

And it comes with a complete 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Be creator of your life

If you, are would like to make some changes in your life, but you are afraid that you might have problems with persistence, or if you already tried to apply some new habits into your life, but you were unsuccessful until now, this program can help you build your life in your own terms.

knowing how to form good habits is crucial for your life change, in any area of your world.

The Habit hack was made out of the team around Michael Breen, successful NLP trainer. World’s leading trainer. Some insights who he is and what he does you can find here.

Very shortly at the end, if I knew this program years ago, I would be more successful even much earlier. Don’t do the mistake and keep waiting for the right moment to change your life. The moment has never been better. Anything, you would like to change requires usage of right habits, if you were fighting with your persistence or application of real life change, this is the tool, it can definitely help you.

If you, are have any questions or comments, you can address them under the post, please don’t forget to subscribe when you decided to leave your comment, so I am able to reply to you.

I wish you best luck following your dreams!

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4 years ago

I have put a lot of thought into habits and listened to other people’s thoughts on how long it takes to make or break habits. At this point in my life, I am specifically worried about the habit of eating too much junk, skipping the gym, and looking at social media too much.

I am someone who used to spend at least 5 days of the week in the gym so this is a huge area of guilt for me. However, this makes me the perfect example of how changing your habits can be life-altering. 

All it takes is the dedication not to give up on yourself. 

I tell myself – “It if were easy, everyone would be doing it”. So quit whining and get to DOING!

4 years ago

A very nice and well relayed article. The human behavior happens to be very complex to the point that even you the individual involved finds it hard to understand sometimes the reason for certain actions that we take. These actions are made to happen from our subconscious and our subconscious mind is made from our habits and experience. Habit hack seems really nice and having the ability to have control over our behavior would make everyone live a very consciousness life

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