What is the productivity killer?

In my today’s post I would like to cover very important topic how are different distractions stopping us in being productive. In present era of Facebook, Instagram, what’s up and other social networking is this topic actually as never before. And no wonder that we are having troubles to stay focus while surrounded by modern communication tool. It is harder than ever before, but not impossible. So what is the productivity killer?

Being busy vs. being productive

People often exchange these two. If, you are working on some project, then it is quite easy to fall into being busy instead of working productive towards your target. The problem is that you are trying to multi-task. And while women are proud of them as only one human being able to multi-task, generally it is not working.

And why? Because doing two or more things simultaneously is not going to bring you the same result, like finishing the first task and JUST AFTER THAT ONE IS FINISHED, start working on new task.

That is leading you towards feeling of being busy rather and actually being efficient. I think that’s pretty obvious, isn’t ? If you can not cope with that, try small test. Start write two working emails at the same time, while switching and then write one working email and after that is done, write a new one.

In which case would you be faster, happier with the result and less “busy”?

Social network.

Another killer of productivity is except of simultaneous work, social communication. As couple of years ago, it was much more complicated to speak to someone who wasn’t physically present, and you would have to call him/her, or even earlier you would have to visit the particular person when you would like to talk. Today it is much easier and therefore more available, but in the same time more dangerous.

Because in the past, in case you would like to connect with someone you had to make much more effort in today’s world it is available just in distance to your smartphone. Just in matter of seconds you can be connected to the whole world and it won’t cost you anything. Almost.

And thanks to that easier availability it is so tempting to do. And that’s way we could spend long hours online. I mean, it is totally perfect when you are get in touch with your friends who are living on the other side of the country or even world. Personally, I do have friends in USA or in Australia, while living in Europe, and I find it absolutely amazing that I can text them or call them anytime I want, and that is making be user of Facebook as well.

But while you work on something important, the devices connecting you with world HAVE TO BE OFF. (Or at least not connected to internet).Just only one message received on your iPhone while working on project that require your full attention will cost you time and postpone your result. Timely wise and quality wise.

If you don’t believe me, try again some test. Stay online in one case and stay offline in second case and compare when you achieved the desired result quicker and you were more happy with it. So simple is that.

Importance of the task.

There is another tool which can help you to be more productive. As the “visitors” requiring your attention don’t have to be just in online world, but as well in real life, it is important to know importance of your task. Its value.

We all know the unexpected visit of our family members or our friends or just water guy who came to measure your water just in time you start to write your article. (Well, if he did not arrange meeting with you in advance, then he should leave, right?).

Now don’t get me wrong. I love to spend some quality time with my relatives, or with my girlfriend or with my friends or neighbors, (even with a water guy, if he is funny), but if I am working on something really important, which can in the end to lead into better life for me, but also for the people who are important to me, then I would just continue working.

Of course, if there is not emergency case. But if my friend stopped by just to ask me go out and we did not plan it I won’t go unless I am done. And here is important, how big value has the task for you. When you give it high priority you will find the way.

It has to be something that you are thinking of as first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you go sleep, It has to have this importance, priority, that big value. But When prefer to hang out with your friends rather than working on it, then it probably does not have that importance for you.

One quote to think. How could you have some quality time with your love ones, when in back of your mind, there is the little voice telling, that you still did not finish what you should?

What options do we have?

What is the productivity killer? I think everyone has to answer it personally. I wrote here some reasons why we are not being productive. And as I already mentioned, to stay focused, it is harder than ever in present era, but we all have the choice.

We are masters of our lives. And only we can decide how we spend our time. There is not slavery anymore.

If I would make a summary, please add the importance to your task first. Find some time when you are going to be not distracted by anyone, also if those are the people you love the most as a second. And finally work only on ONE PROJECT AT THE TIME.

Please let me know how it works for you. As well please share here with the others When have some other tricks which are helping you to be productive.

Best luck,

till next time,



16 thoughts on “What is the productivity killer?

  1. Hello Julius
    Great article, you have said it all, everyone is to busy but not productive, with all of the social media,, internet , or emails,. Nobody has time to be productive on their own thing,. To reach for the goals they are looking for
    Dont get me wrong yes I love spending time with family and friends but I do believe if we want a better life for ourselves we need to concentrate on the importance things that need to be done.

    1. Thank you Sandra .
      It’s not always easy to divide the right amount of the time among time spent with our loved ones and our own project .However ,as you mentioned ,the importance of it and our values can push us in right direction .Definitely .
      One more point is that personal contact is still more valuable and in the long terms less distractive as that on internet .
      Wish you best luck in achieving your goals and still spending time with your love ones .

  2. I really love this . Nothing but the truth and we appreciate that. As I was reading this article I realised a ton of stuff I was doing wrong but also noticed the things I was doing correctly (without even knowing), so I would like to thank you for this awesome article and piece of advice I’m sure many of us will appreciate and learn from!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment .
      It makes feel pleased I helped you to see the things from other perspective .
      Could you maybe share some concrete examples ?
      Thanks and best luck !

  3. This is such an eye-opening post because it’s so true, we are so distracted by our environment that it’s hard to keep track of our goals. I am a victim of being on social media too often than what I am supposed too. I do however have designated days on how I would like to interact with in my social channels. This helps me not be on social media 24/7. What do you do to stay motivated in achieving your goals? Any pointers you want to share?

    1. Thank you Viviana for your comment .I think that regulation of your time on social media is perfect way how to be more productive.
      I do for example necessary check early in the morning and then if needed later in the evening ,so I am not permanently connected and that’s way distracted .
      In order to achieve my goals I try to have vision of my goal on visible place for huge part of my day .It can be personal calendar for example .Then the priority or importance of that particular target is keeping me on track .😀As well as visualization,
      which I will be discussing too.
      Thanks and good luck !Let me know if you would like some other tips .

  4. This is a very informative post. I do something similar I call it a Priority List. It helps me a lot in getting things done.
    I like your idea to stop multi-tasking and do one thing at a time. I am going to work on that.

    1. Thank you very much Donna .
      I am happy I could help. Priority list is definitely tool ,that can help prioritize and therefore help to stop work on unimportant and work on important .Let me know please how your process will go .
      Best luck !

  5. Hi Julius, great post. Based on my experience I see that one of the most productivity killer are social media like Facebook, YouTube. That’s why most companies block access to these sites on busines devices..

    1. Thank you for your comment .
      Yes, among the positive impact the social media could have ,often times happens the opposite and, it is becoming a hug productivity killer (with bad managing )
      Blocking access can be solution .
      Best luck !

  6. Hello Julius,

    You have an awesome article. Yes, you are right that you can not do two things at the same time. That is exactly what is happening to me. I really love to focus with my WA online business, but at this point in time, I can not because it is not giving me earning yet, What is happening to me is I am not being productive to both of my full-time job and my WA business. Your article highlighted me how to be productive.

    Good luck to your website.


    1. Thank you for your comment Hadrian .
      What might help you is ,try to give you the precise time for your full time job ,let’s say those 4,6 or 8 hrs you need to be there ,within those hours don’t do anything related to your WA business and the rest of the day (if you consider time to eat,sleep,relax )you have still at least 2 hours you might concentrate on your WA business .Again while doing it ,be strict to yourself and no other work or social media .
      Try not to give up on your WA ,if you will be patient and persistent,success with your business may come and you will not be missing money .
      Best luck with your development .

  7. The thing that stands out to me is working on one project at a time.Sometimes, when I think of all of the things that I need to do, it can get overwhelming oso I make little progress. But when I focus on one thing at a time, this helps big time. I too am guilty of being easily distracted by my phone, as many of us are. And you’re right, if you put it away and don’t get distracted by the 20+ open tabs on my computer desk, then it helps not to get distracted by social media. If I have a goal, this helps too, as I can easily procrastinate if I”m not focused on reaching my goal. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Thank you Kat for your post .Just try to put your devices on flying mode or totally off and trust me that within the hour or two (or more ,if required ) you won’t miss anything from outside world .But if you won’t work on your own “projects” you are having smaller chance of success .
      If you have problem with procrastination ,check my website ,there is article under this link help to find a way how to stop procrastinate


      I hope it can help and I wish you best luck with your progress .

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