How to stop procrastinate?

How to stop procrastinate?

How many times have you hear yourself talking to you the type of sentences like, I watch just this one TV show and then I am going to finish my article? Or, I will just call Dave and later I am going to work finally, or let me first read this article online, that is so interesting, the homework can wait?

I could continue way further by naming different types of lies people are telling to themselves in order to avoid doing the necessary, but unpleasant or uncomfortable work.

If you found yourself somewhere in between those first lines, you might have problem with procrastination. No worries, you are not alone.

And no worries, there is solution to solve that issue. If you would like to know how to stop procrastinate, this article will hopefully help you.


What is procrastination ?

First things first. What actually procrastination means? I find the definition of it at Cambridge dictionary, which says:

Procrastination is to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring.

Pretty similar to, as I described couple of lines earlier. The procrastination can be find anywhere. In our daily job, in our homework related to our business, in our actual business, in relation towards our fitness exercise, in our relationships.

It shows up every time, whenever you have some task, which has to be done, but instead of working on it, or dealing with it, you search for some more enjoyable activities. As you can see, there are various areas in which the procrastination can be found. And according the area, or its importance, the effect of the procrastination on your life, would be stronger or weaker.

The biggest problem here, is that it usually starts very innocent, come on it is just one TV show, just one phone call, or just short nap.

Sneaky enemy.

Do you know how any addiction starts? People are usually lying themselves or are being deceived by others(if they are getting offered their first “shot” ) like, come on it will be just one cigarette, beer, game, or whatever ,just try it. What can happen? Well, in some cases the consequences can be tragic.

The same problem appears with procrastination. It starts as well, usually very innocent, come on it is just one TV show, just one phone call, just short nap or any other lie, but the consequences are also bad. Why?

Because it almost never stays with the one TV show. It will almost never be just that one thing. Because if we are procrastinating we will always find something more likable to do, than our important task.

What are people doing when they are procrastinating? They are trying to avoid a fear. The unconscious fear can be so high, that people would many times not even start with the task. Unfortunately, what majority don’t realise is, that we can not avoid fear, we can just face it.

If you are crossing the road, you are having the fear as well. You will not search another road just because of that. I know that this is different type of fear like calling your boss and asking for rise for example, but the principle is the same. Facing the fear rather than avoiding it.

Lying to your brain.

How can we beat that enemy?

I suggested already something earlier, you would need to face your fear anytime, if you would like to beat the procrastination. You would have to kill any possible idea on postponing things straight in first instance they appear, otherwise it can grow to robust size and than it can be too late. Kill it before it can start. Kill it with your activity.

Because, if you consider the examples from earlier on, all of them were kind of lies you were saying to yourself. Aren’t they?Just one show and than I will definitely do what I have to do. Is one of them.

Now you would need to do the same, but the other way around. It will often happen that not the fear, rather the size of the problem is not motivating you towards the required action. You know that to accomplish the task you would need more days, or more hours and therefore being stuck with this particular task is something uncomfortable to you, that you won’t start.

Now it’s the time to lie to your brain. As an example, you need to write study long 100 pages. The time required to finish the task is more than one day. Instead of your past self talk: that is too long, use new one: I will do JUST one page today and rest later. How that can help?

Often you will get so interested into the topic your study is about, that you will write not planned one, but 3,or 5 or even maybe 10 pages!! And earlier than you could check the time you might be done at 10-20%. Do you think, that it is difficult?

Well, you are just using the same technique like by postponing the activities, but now you are moving forward. And you can use this “lie” by any time-consuming task. So, it is not that difficult than, all it depends on in which direction you will direct your thinking. Power of brain is endless.

What Can I win?

Someone might say, OK but what I will get if I stop procrastinate?

The time! One of the most important value human can have. Having more time is what we want, don’t we ? And peace of your mind.

Imagine that you would first finish your task and than do the pleasant activities. Or spend some extra quality time with your family. Is it worth of stop procrastinating ? How do you feel when you do first the pleasant activity with knowing the fact, that when you finish this game with your kids for example, after you would need to finish the task.

Are you spiritually present? Don’t you think your kid deserves, to have you there completely?

Last word

I am sorry if I my last example was bit though, but I just want to realise how bad impact could the procrastion have in our lives. Despite its innocent appearance.

I know what I am writing about. I used to procrastinate a lot. Even with the small things, like avoiding meeting someone to the big things like not expressing my feelings towards my then girlfriend. Do you think she waited? 😉

That is as well procrastination, because I loved her, but because of my fear, or because of my feeling that”I have still time” I did not make the necessary steps towards keeping the relationship alive.

Every day, I am witnessing people who are procrastinating. If yo are one of them and would like to stop, please keep fighting with your fear. And keep “lying” to your brain. Your business, your wife, your kids or your friends will thank you later. You will have better results and while spending your time with your love ones, you will be present not just physically, but as well spiritually.

I hope I could give you some advice how to be more productive within my article. If you have some question or if you have self, some other techniques which are helping you stop procrastinate, please do not hesitate and leave them below.

I wish you best luck .


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Marco Vermeulen
Marco Vermeulen
4 years ago

I really enjoyed reading about Procrastination and what it actually means.
I myself have been struggling with this in my 20s but I can at least say i’ve become alot better.
Since I realised that procrastination is just the minds way of resisting, meaning not truly accepting the responsibilities behind tasks that need to be done… I’ve been able to work on this issue.
It’s a conscious decision for me everyday to avoid procrastination.

Thank you for this it will definitely help many people.

Winson Lim
4 years ago

Thank you so much Julius on the awesome post of Procrastination.

Actually when you think about it, it is not a bad idea to procrastinate.

For example, procrastinate buying stuff online like bags and watches.

What I do is I usually bookmarked all the stuff that I wanted to buy and I say to myself I will buy later.

But weeks goes by and it stays in my shopping cart and never checkout. Lolz

Sometimes I even forgot about those items.

Okay, back to the topic of Procrastination.

The Question is why do we Procrastinate?

Are we lazy and refuse to do any work?

Well, actually we do not have a strong enough reason to want to act on it right away.

Without a strong reason to act upon it, without any consequences, the tendency to procrastinate is high.

Procrastination might also lead to death.


Procrastination in exercising for instance.

Exercising keep our body healthy and in balance.

It strengthened our heart and muscle.

Without it, it is as good as dead.

Our system will one day stopped functioning without exercise.

When we possess the knowledge that Exercise is super freaking important in our lives and think about those consequences, Procrastination immediately disappear in our lives.

Procrastination happens because we don’t know certain things and we don’t have the certain knowledge that force us to take action.

To defeat Procrastination is Intelligent Action.

Great Post!

4 years ago

Good stuff! My husband is a BIG procrastinator. What helps him is write down a short list of what he wants to accomplish that day. He also uses a really big whiteboard in his home office to help him keep track of “to do’s”, bills to pay, income & expenses (we run our own businesses). I could ask him to do something but know that it will likely take weeks or months to get accomplished. For the really big things that need to get done, I found a useful tactic…make it a challenge. If I turn it into a challenge or competition for him, he’s way more likely to get it done! Hope this helps other frustrated wives out there!

4 years ago

Hi Julius, you are a great life coach. Your experience own experiences help to to see why you are trying to help others.

My problem with procastinating, comes from overthinking. I overthink things so much, that it delays or stalls me from just moving forward. I think that you can say, that is a type of fear. The fear, that I won’t be able to fulfill all the requirements of a task, that may result in people judging me.

Your example of not being there spiritually for your kids, is spot on and it has given me something to definitely be aware of.
Thank you for a great topic. Not many people are aware of the things that make them procastinate, and continue to lie to themselves. My only solution, ifor myself is to just get on with it.

I look forward to your other motivating topics.

Janice Fox-Henley
4 years ago

Julius, I am in agreement with you concerning Procrastination and its effects on one’s life. Understanding your approach to dealing with this crippling problem, I need to ask you to consider another resulting condition from this source that is Fear-Based. I have spent thirty years studying Anxiety and it’s manifestations, it is usually Fear-Based. For some patients, the Fear becomes Hurtful Feelings that need to be acknowledged. Many times Fear is Anger turned inward.
Having this become a more serious condition over time happens more often than not. Some people have a difficult time with Anger, thus, will go to Apathy (feeling nothing). Repetitive thoughts of Bad Messaging and Bitter Resentment take hold. Depression and Bursts of Anger can then follow! And Yes, Procrastination possibly follows here.
At this point, many people suffering from Procrastination crippling their lives, have to first acknowledge their Hurtful Feelings and get into an excellent Anger Management Program.
Most Important: Admit to ourselves we’ve been hurt, somehow our Own Hurtful Feelings are coming back on us. Give one’s self permission to have Feelings of Hurt and Anger! Take Steps to deal with your Emotions. Common Sense Advice.
Thank you, Janice

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