The ULTIMATE EDGE review-changing your life starts here

The ULTIMATE EDGE review-changing your life starts here

Product: The ultimate edge from Tony Robbins

Price: 229$

Guarantee: 30 days

Content: 20 hrs of audio . Personal notebook if ordered in paper form.

Form: Digital and paper

My rating: 9,9 out of 10



For years I was struggled to find the right way of my life. That was mainly the period after I stopped play a soccer professionally. While I discovered the power of personal development and specially the power of my own mind and all changed.

Almost none of us was born with the mindset, which will guarantee one’s success. So what do we do? We need to first train our mind to be in the state of being prepare to produce, accept, and maintain success of any kind. And this tool is having all what you need in order to train it correctly. If you were as well asking yourself questions like why someone is successful and someone(maybe with the same background) not, or if you are wondering why you are stuck at place you feel unfulfilled or you feel simply unhappy, this is the program you should have. It is available in the digital, physical or digital and physical form, that means perfect to take it with you on the road or while you are exercising or cooking.

The Price match

One can say, that the product is expensive. And if you would ask me, in any time before the year of 2013, to pay over two hundred dollars/euros for “digital self-improvement product”, wouldn’t do it probably neither. Now I wish I listened it much earlier.

But now I do not think like the 95% of people do. Personally, I think that in the terms of self education or in terms of improvement our life, we should not consider it as too expensive. Let me give you some example. Now, it’s holiday time, right? So, imagine yourself making this year holiday, 1-2 days shorter and rather invest into yourself. Or leave your car without that planned tuning. Or skip for two weeks dinner in your favourite restaurant. Would that be manageable? I believe, if you feel that you want more out of your life, like you are having now, then the answer is yes and Tony Robbins’s The ULTIMATE EDGE  can help you. Because in the terms of your lifetime happiness, fulfillment and success you would get this price million times back. Trust me.

I am pretty sure that many of you have had spent two hundred bucks on something you regret it in the future. Did you too? In this case you have at least guarantee, if you feel by any chance, that the program isn’t working for you, you will get all your money back.


Multi use-as already mentioned, you can choose in which form you’ll like to receive it. If you are bored with the CD’s, then the digital solution is perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you like to “touch” your product, and you are fan of CD’s then this solution will make you feel happy. There are 20 CD’s and related DVD’s in total. If you will order the digital form, you will get an access to the app, where you will be able to play all the content available within the program. You gain the access through the link, which you will receive via email.

Guarantee-again something already mentioned. I find it amazingly awesome. You have therefore no risk at all. When you will start to using the program and within 30 DAYS will not see any significant results (althought I don’t think so), you can easily return it and you feel get refund, If you live in the U. S, they provide even the shipping costs.

Flexible use-I wrote this article in reward of help towards strengthen your mind, but this tool has power to help you achieve much more and is not limited in the direction of how your mind works, even it is still big part of it. What else you might be struggling? Let’s see it. You might feel financially secured, but still empty. Maybe purpose is what you miss. Tony Robbins’s The ULTIMATE EDGE can help you find it. Or maybe you do have perfect job, perfect relationship and finances, but somehow you spend too much time working, find how to do more effective. Do you have big dreams, but you never managed to make them real? Check how you can set up efficient plan.

Easy to use- when I first listened to the ULTIMATE EDGE, I had a feeling like old buddy was talking to me, and not multi-billionaire, what Tony Robbins actually is, trying to help me change my life. The techniques are explained well on practical examples out of every day life. So there is no need to find an extra location or skip your favourite free time activities.


Lenght-this is more mine issue, related to the fact that I am personal development freak and could listen to it even 40 hrs, ha-ha. Real fact is that you feel pay much higher price if you will attend 8 hrs live event of some speaker, and the quality is lower. So the 20 hrs content here is actually another item of PROS.

Loss of your old friends-that is again one of those, which generally speaking is PRO rather than CON, but I am just writing it in order someone would consider that as a bad thing. Yes, after listening and using the ULTIMATE EDGE you will probably experience rapid loss of your “friends” who don’t recognize you as a self-confident and successful, and therefore you would equally feel uncomfortable to be seeing each other on regular basis. You have to consider, if this is real problem for you.

What is in there

The official provider is dividing  the content of the course into three steps, and there are:

Inner strength: In three sessions, understand what causes you to think, feel and behave the way you do. After you discover your “personal blueprint,” you’ll then align your internal drive and know how to move in the right direction

Personal power:  Over seven days, gain a clear and compelling vision for what you want. You’ll learn about the forces that direct our lives, how to master them and get the keys to shaping your destiny

Get the edge: Now that you’ve defined your goal, it’s time to develop a plan to achieve it. Discover how high-quality relationships add value to your life and how to build the one you need. Create a life of limitless energy and vitality. Transform your destructive, negative emotions into positive, constructive ones. This 7-day program will teach you the strategies to transform every area of your life


What else can you discover

Why your brain wasn’t designed to make you happy – and what you can do about it


How to meet all six of your needs for lasting happiness


Tony’s three-step system to master your time so you can spend more of your time for what really matters


How to set clear, attainable goals – and the tools to achieve them


How to destroy any negative behavior instantly



I do believe strongly in quality of this program. I know a lot more other people who think it too, that Tony Robbins’s The ULTIMATE EDGE is right program if you search for change in your life. I know, not everyone can easily afford the starting costs, but after since you will buy it and use it, you will see the difference in your life immediately and what is more important, if you will really apply the techniques provided within the program, as well long-lasting.

There is not enough words to describe, how much have, the ideas you will find inside of the program, change my life. As soon as you realise that the human brain is the most powerful tool humankind will ever have, don’t hesitate and order your ultimate edge. Your success, finances, relationships, health, happiness, fulfillment is just matter of you. Do you want to discover what is inside of you? See where your potential is!

I hope I could have been helpful to you with this review, if you have any questions, or comments, or already experiences, please share them below.




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4 years ago

This product sounds amazing and I am very interested if it does what you say it can do.

How many cds are there and what are the main topics that are discussed?

4 years ago

Thanks a lot for this review. I am quite glad i came across this article. Yes, the price might seem quite high, but I believe spending over $200 on personal development is not a bad idea at all.
Personally, I’ll prefer the digital version so I can always read on the go…..Plus, I don’t mind the 20 hr length at all. Once again, thanks a lot for sharing this!

Yomi Disu
4 years ago

Anthony Robbins is an iconic figure, his grass to grace experience is really inspiring.

Katie Wiren
4 years ago

I love Tony Robbins and am so glad I came across this article. It was really in depth and actually answered the questions I had about this product. I can’t wait to order my Ultimate Edge! You’re right this is something I wish I had done sooner.

Ivan Brozincevic
Ivan Brozincevic
4 years ago

I’ve been interested in learning more about Tony Robbins’s Ultimate Edge, but the price seemed a bit too much at the time. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive review of the material within. I’m reading his Unlimited Power, for now, but I might check out this program in the future.

Justis Brewer
Justis Brewer
4 years ago

This is exactly the change I have been looking for. I’ll be honest, the price has always turned me away from buying this product. But seeing your comprehensive review on it has made me realize how life changing it could be. I mean seriously, how can I afford not to? I am investing in my future!

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