How to make a good plan?

As I promised you at the end of my previous article How to become wiser, I am giving you some extension to it, or part two as I named it. I think that to make good working plan, you need to know what to plan and what don’t. And to help you to recognize that I have created this article. As well as, I think that if you want make your ideas which you might write down earlier real, you would need some plan. So without any longer : How to make a good plan?

Having your freedom is the purpose.

If you made decision to start writing your ideas or plans, congratulations! That’s perfect, because you are step closer to your dream being true. And the decision to start is the most important in process of achieving anything in life.But don’t forget that’s the first, but not final step.

At the very beginning I would like to warn you about the danger of falling down into very lined-up plans, so you could easily become to feel, that it is more tightening you up than freeing you up. The purpose here is to give you freedom and being productive, not becoming to have feeling that you are slave, locked into your daily routine or in into your lined up future.

There is nothing worse like to be locked up in your own plan. Not that you might feel like being in a cage, but there would be decreased creativity, the tool so important in being productive.

Also, you would need to have different approach at achieving your goals. The difference would be in size, and time needed for the particular one.Because something else is to achieve your target to earn 500 000 Euros/ year, for example, like by achieving your target to be healthier or to exercise regularly or to wake up earlier.

Even though, there is one thing which would be important in any type of your plan you set up, and that’s persistence. If you won’t be persistent at following your plan, even the smaller change would not be successful. But the approach would be different. Realize how much you need to earn that amount, while waking up earlier you may change basically overnight.


Having the right emotions.

There is an important thing to know. And though if you will make plans without any emotions, you won’t achieve any success. What I mean with emotions is that, if you imagine the end result you want to achieve by following your plan, you must get totally juiced about it. You must be able to get excited about it so much, that even if I would wake you up in the middle of the night, you would be able to name the reason, why you want to achieve that and therefore why you want to follow the plan.

Maybe, it is a bot overacting, but you know what I mean, right?

Because there is no bigger killer of productivity, like working on the tasks, you don’t see any reason on.That is why many people would start their own companies, they just can not stand to be working on someone’s demand. I am not saying that we all have to do just activities we do like, or we do feel comfortable by doing them. Sometimes you would have to do the unpleasant stuff, maybe the stuff you even hate. But if the end result is bringing you enough strong reasons why you are doing it, you will find a way.


How do I know what is really important?


So let’s say you find your targets or dreams you would like to achieve, you feel really enthusiastic about it and you have enough emotions towards the end result, but now you still don’t know where to start, or how to star, or better say, you just don’t know what to plan, in order to be productive and successful in the end.

In other places on my website, I am using a lot verb values. To know your values and from them created priorities, according which you would lead your life, would help you massively. That is point number one important in organizing your plan.

And point number two is your time management. Because, in order to make sufficient plans you would need to use your time wisely.

To recognize what is important, what less and what is unimportant for your time planning can help you the table which displayed Stephen R. Convey. I allowed myself to adjust it slightly.







Activities: Crisis

Projects with deadlines

Immediate problems

Activities: Prevention

Building/caring relationships

Recognizing new opportunity

General Planning, resting

Activities: Distractions

Some phone calls

Some chat

Some messages

Some meetings

Favourite activities

Activities: Common working tasks

Some chat

Some calls

Pleasant activities



This particular table can help you to settle your daily or weekly plans. That way you might become much more productive. (If you will use the right proportion of activities from particular column). Use of it can prevent you from doing unimportant activities rather than those which are bringing you closer to the life you would like to have.

For the feeling of balance and for higher productivity it is generally better to spend the most time on activities from blue column. And besides it will help you to avoid some activities from red column. Things from green and violet columns are having unfortunately the backing up effect. Some of them has to be done, but many of them don’t. Be strict on avoiding them as much as possible in order to be productive.

In my case, there were times when it also became a problem. I was too enthusiastic with the change I saw in my life after starting to make short term plans, that I was not concentrating on those, with higher priority. Only when I started to dividing activities according their level of priority I started to be really productive. So watch out please, that you don’t commit the same mistake.

Productivity arrow.

So if you would like to know how to make a good plan, my advice would be, please use your imagination and creativity to find the right dreams, keep writing them down, define their priority, then set up the plan according your emotions, they must be high with knowing enough reasons why you want to achieve the particular thing and be persistent at following your written plan and then eventually you might achieve it. The persistence would be very important if the eventuality would turn into actuality. But that way you are really closer to achieve anything you decided to.

Time management and general planning are very important, though there are very subtopics, as you go further, you might discover different tools, maybe more convenient for you, but for the beginning this could be perfect guide through your first steps into planning.

I hope after reading this article you got a bit brighter idea how to plan, which activities put into your planning and which, on the other hand, are not so important to be part of your plan. If you know about any other way how to plan more efficiently, or if you have some special techniques how you plan the things, please write them below. I would be really happy to check what you are using in order to make that working plan. Idea at the end: Don’t forget that often we need to throw out the unimportant in order to achieve what we really want .

I wish you great success by making your plans and achieving your goals!

More next time.





8 thoughts on “How to make a good plan?

  1. Thanks so much for writing this and showing us how to make a good plan. You have really covered a lot here and did a very thorough job of helping anyone who needs to plan for the future.

    You allowed us to see how to set priorities in our life and I think that is very important. You also helped me by showing me that I may need to examine the way I am doing things.

    Thanks for making me have a time of self-reflection and find the spots I need to change, and you gave me some of the tools to change them.

    1. Thank you, Lynda.
      I am happy I could help you to take some time to self reflect. And to provide you with some tools. Planning is important more than ever I think.
      Hopefully, you might find the other articles helpful as well.

  2. I cannot agree more!!

    Having your freedom is the purpose!!

    Have you read 7 habits of highly effective people? The whole urgent non-urgent part of this post really reminds me of that book.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks MIKE,

      Having your time organized and not having the feeling of slavery is reveal and essential for a successful and happy life I think.

      Yeah, I was slightly inspired by the book. Therefore I wrote also that I adjust a bit the concept for my usage.
      It is a brilliant book. There is much quality material out there that can help us to be more productive and well organized.

  3. Hey there!

    You present some really valuable points here. That’s super enlightening and insightful.

    Using one’s creativity and imagination is crucial and I totally agree with that.

  4. Your article is a real helpful tool for many who struggle to have some organization within their lives.

    I used to do things without planning or writing down some logical list to follow. I found that, I ended up so frustrated with myself, because I never ended up with the results I wanted to obtain.

    Your simple method of how to correctly make a plan, is very good and easy to follow. Hopefully, others who read your article, will see how important planning is to anything that they do in life, and apply what you have provided. Thank you for a great blog.

    1. Thanks a lot, Saane for your comment.
      The frustration you mentioned over here, is the biggest reason, why you should make the plans. Even the simple one.
      I was surprised about, how big was the difference while I wasn’t doing it and while I am doing it.

      Happy you find it simple, that was my purpose!
      Thank you for your kind words.

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