Life without limits 2. : Power of your mind

Life without limits 2. : Power of your mind


In my first article with name life without limits, I was writing about how our age should not limit us, in any change we would like to make. In today’s article, as you can read in the title, I would like to mention the power of our mind.

If you ever read any book, related to personal development, you might read that what you think on, you will become. In case, you did not, I would like to show you on practical examples how this knowledge, together with other idea, can improve your life drastically. And if you have some clue, it might help you to get some missing pieces of that puzzle.

Sad reality.

As already mentioned, you might or might not hear about the power of your own mind, but either way, I know that the majority people is not using is correctly. How other should be explained the fact that most of the people are not happy, productive and that majority is doing something they do not like or even hate?

I named this paragraph sad reality, because it is sad that in today’s era, where the flight, covering distance over 1000 km will cost you less than 40 euros and you need just your ID card (if you meet certain criteria, like booking the ticket in advance and being EU citizen) are many people unhappy.

The western civilization is living in perfect technological period. Sending emails, or messages wasn’t so easy never ever before. Reaching your friends living on the other side of the world has never been so time and cost friendly as now. And we still don’t see many successful people, as we could maybe.

Well, one of the reasons could be that majority don’t know how powerful tool is above their shoulders.

Giant in your head.

Often times I do listen to people who are complaining, that this time is hard. This time is not hard. You need to stay immune against many treasures, but once you pick up your field, you may profit from it. In the previous lines, I tried to give some examples of the perfect time we are living.

Now, I think there was enough negativity and I would write the things how you can profit from the asset you got, and it is for free. Your mind.

If I remember it correctly, the first time I heard about how the ideas we are having can influence our life, was somewhere in the summer of 2013. I left my home country to try a better luck in the UK(there was not any BREXIT yet, and the country was doing perfect, in comparison with Slovakia, the country I left).

However, I found myself almost without money, after first unsuccessful attempts in order to get a job. So surely, not an easy situation itself. And so I start to read that book. Writer was a Czech motivational and marketing author Ivo Toman. And there were the ideas about how our brain and mind could change our life.

What I read was totally new to me and honestly, also a bit too courageous. I was something like wait, I am going to think on that and it will happen? Seriously? That is impossible.

Otherwise, everyone would be having what he wishes. But as my situation wasn’t really comfortable, I could choose to giving it try, or come back home, without money and without perspective of getting sufficient job.

I am so happy I chose the second option.

Wake up that giant.

During my last holiday, which finished just an hour ago 😉 (now I am still sitting at the airport in Catania waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam), I read 1500 pages book called Total Recall. For those who don’t know the book, it is an autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the great Austrian-American, who achieved world fame and success in several fields.

He described perfectly how precise was his VISION of the things he wanted to achieve. During his body building career, he explained how he vividly saw himself being the winner of Mr. Olympia. During his time as an actor, he had first his VISION being the highest paid movie star. During his time as a politician, he had first his VISION of helping the state of California and its people.

He achieved all the things he had in his mind. But there was the vision first.

The best actors, sportsmen, politician are skilled in visualization. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, KFC,Adidas or many other are products of that precise VISION.

I know that not everyone has such a huge vision, but we all had at some point our childhood dreams. And I can assure you that, doesn’t matter how crazy it may sound to your peers, but if you believe in it, you can experience it. Let the giant inside of you come out.

What you think on every day

In the first paragraph, there was a line I mentioned the phrase what you think on, you will become.

Well, imagine that the inner talk inside of you would consist of the ideas of prosperity, wealth, healthy relationships. How would you feel?

And imagine that on the other hand you would think all day long on the things you don’t have or don’t know. Or you would be worried about your next rent. How would you feel so?

Imagine that you might manipulate your brain into the state you want to be? Would be your life different ?If you answer yes, you might consider to have a look on this tool, the ULTIMATE EDGE from Tonny Robbins, check more over here The ULTIMATE EDGE review

What would your life be like if you would manipulate your inner talk towards how perfect you are? Try it! It is that simple. Your brain is a muscle. It requires permanent work, like your biceps or triceps. If you would practice long enough you will see huge results.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The perfect thing regarding your brain is, that it does not matter what pictures you will display, your brain will take it as a reality. If you will think about prosperity and success or about poverty and failure, you will unconsciously lead towards that. So take good care on what is in your mind.

It is not possible not to think on anything. Every single human has ten thousands ideas DAILY! That is scientifically measured. Realise how big power it is.

We all have this amazing freedom to choose our ideas in every single moment. And therefore we have perfect option to have the right impact on our lives. Just we and no one else. We are creators of our own mind and from that point our own future.

Victor Frankl, Austrian psychologist who suffered and survived holocaust, was describing it in his memoir. During his time in concentration camp in Oswiecim during second world war he saw people in totally desperate state, many of them knew they will die soon. But the only thing they could have still influence, was their own mind. The point of view was just their.His positive approach saved his life.

No doubt, that everyone has a good thoughts, as well as bad. If someone betrays you, it is hard to remain positive and not angry. If you lose significant amount of money on wrong investment or if your partner suggest divorce, it is definitely hard to stay positive.

We all have time to time bad ideas. But it depends on us which ideas we will keep in our mind longer. And that is decisive element for our direction.

You are not bad person if you have time-to-time negative thoughts, but make sure that you have pillars, which will always bring you on your track. If you do not have those pillars yet, try this, THE ULTIMATE EDGE from Tonny Robbins you can check more here The ULTIMATE EDGE review

We are the creators

If you read it all and come to this stage of my article, I am really happy for that. And it is a sign that the content wasn’t too boring. The reason why I wrote the second article out of miniseries life without limits with topic, the power our mind is, that I think huge amount of people are still not aware of the magnificent power inside of them. The power, which is free and is available to anyone.

I put here couple of examples of how our mind can improve our own lives. I will finish this article with example out of my own life. When I was struggling to make my way back in 2013, I could go easily to different country back so, but I would not change my life if I wouldn’t change my mind. That changed my life in positive way I could hardly imagine.

P.S. This entire topic is so bright and in the same time so important that I have no chance to cover it all in one blog post. That’s way, if you find interesting the essence I wrote, please have a look here for THE ULTIMATE EDGE from Tonny Robbins, check more here


it is life changing tool which helped me settle some important habits in order to use the power of my mind fully.

It was my pleasure to sent you this message and I hope my article will help you with your progress. If you have other tips or experiences, how your mind works, please leave your comment below and I would be more so happy to read it or reply if required. Till so I wish you

Best luck!!



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4 years ago

I love your approach in this post. I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins because I think he has helped more people in some incredible ways. Of course we have a giant within and we shouldn’t neglect all our potential just because the things are a little bit hard.

I seriously believe that having a vision is FUNDAMENTAL to any big achieve in world. I have a beautiful quote that I read every morning and every night that says “clarity is power”. When we know what we want and we are committed to achieve it paying the price in the process, everything becomes possible!

Kevin McNamara
4 years ago

Great post!

Thank you. Yes are minds are so powerful. What we think we become. So many people live their life stuck in a bad situation and are unable to move forward. Negative thinking takes over and it’s very hard to move.

As you say, have a vision of your success, something you believe in and really go for it. See it in your mind first and then it becomes real. Thanks again,


4 years ago

i love this post,it is true the brain is powerful for humankind to make good choices and decisions

4 years ago

Great post. I myself am now over the hill at 50 or so they say. Though my mind is still as active as if it were still young at 20. I have never stopped learning and always try to keep my mind active and dismiss any negative thoughts.
Those negative thoughts for some reason are what people always seem to focus in on and never the positive aspects of how people think about them!
Looking forward to your next post!

4 years ago


Good advice. I love Tony Robbins. This life is about taking the challenges and allowing them to push us into our true unlimited potential!

Best wishes

4 years ago

What an inspiring article, thank you for sharing. The power of the mind and positive thinking is a tool that is often overlooked. My husband is an optimist. He spends his days dreaming of what he wants and what he could be. He has achieved amazing things because of it. Even when things look bad, he never loses sight of his end goals. This positive energy gives him a steady confidence.

Your article has inspired me to become more like my husband. To see myself succeed in my goals in life. I plan to keep my sight set on what I want to achieve rather than all that could go wrong.

I am going to look at your other post now; I just had to let you know that this article spoke to me.

4 years ago

I agree that we are all powerful creators of the content of our life. It is our responsibility to create the life we desire for ourselves so we should not waste any energy complaining about circumstances or blaming other people for our failures. I did not realize that Arnold Swartsniger knew about this power of positive thinking, but it just makes sense that he did as he was able to achieve so much in different spheres of life.
Thanks for sharing this important information. I wish you all the best.

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