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In my today’s article I would like to show you how overcoming the challenges can boost your confidence. The post consist out of 3 ways to find limits. Make yourself some good drink, find some comfortable sit and enjoy the reading.

Why I want to find my limits?

It can be maybe crucial, to start with some examples, why it is important actually, to find our limits. Have you had sometimes feeling that you are totally bored and that’s way tired? Or have you have the feeling that you might perform at higher level? What was it like for feeling? Did you like the feeling?

And how did you feel, on the other hand, when you achieved something, you were not able to do a day before? Like for example 20 minutes longer fitness session. Was there a difference? Was the feeling different? Well, normally it should be.

Once you will see the difference, you might be crazy like me and start to loving it.

But the real reason I am writing this article, is that during my experiences out of four countries and out of different working environments, there was always relatively huge amount of people, who did not use their full potential

Some of them did not want, because it can be painful( important to point, that this feeling is just in our mind), some would want it, but maybe did not find the right way how to do.

Whichever group you are, I hope the following lines can help you a bit.

Climb to the top

For those who never did hiking, it might make no sense, but climbing to the top of the mountain is one of the best experiences the connection between a human and nature can show.

Not only you will have in most of the cases magnificent view out of top, most likely it will bring you totally amazing feeling of overcoming one challenge.

In addition to it, there are a numerous side effect of your trip, along the way.  For instance, it can show you how beautiful it can be when you finish something and not give up, also when it was not an easy journey.It will help you while persuading bigger dreams and it can show you that anything, what you decide, is possible.

While making a several hour trip, probably on uncomfortable surface, overcoming various obstacles, you can relate to your business for instance. There you will need to overcome a lot of obstacles too, while being on your way to the success.

That’s a huge support to all of your dreams or desires, right? However crazy they are.

As a next positive impact, it’s the fact that it is bringing you in perfect connection with the nature what can help you to understand that unbelievable harmony existing in the nature. (There was unusually strong wind, while doing this trip pictured down, together with the power of the see I thought on how “small” and weak human still is) It is boost for your ideas, as well as if you are in need to clear your head off.

Imagine yourself walking up some 1000 m high mountain to the top, without internet connection, you are completely relying on yourself, you will automatically come to deeper essence of your life. I made this picture on July 2019 and I took it during my 6 hours hiking trip in south Greece. The place, where this article and the whole idea of my blog were created. Inspirational. What do you think?

Whatever lifetime or situation you are in, if you have an open-heart and mind, you can use the experiences out of this trip for better. I am 100% sure. I don’t know how you, but I think that is reason to start hike.

Learn some new skill

In the present times, most of the people have knowledge in at least one language, which is not their mother tongue. Meaning the generation of my peers( I am 30, by the way).

How you felt when you gained that skill in the particular language? I am pretty sure, the moment you first time proved your knowledge, you were feeling proud of you.

And why not to repeat this again? So if you learned an English for example, could you learn German or Spanish or French? I am pretty sure you can.

Not only this boost you should consider, but as well the fact that you have a new language skill is wonderful. How will your value rise up on the job market? Completely new area will open up for you. With the easy traveling nowadays it’s an amazing option.

Now, you might think, OK that’s perfect and I really like the job offer in Barcelona, but I just don’t have time or finances to study a new language.

Let me give you example out of my life. I learned German and Dutch, both in TIME FRAME OF ONE YEAR. Of course, I am not totally fluent in them, but my knowledge was enough to get jobs in those languages and in the highly skilled environment.

I am not writing that to impress you, I just want to give you an inspiration, that it’s possible. Let me tell you something, once you have a purpose big enough, you will find the necessary ingredients in order to get this knowledge.

And it does not have to be just a new language you can learn, it can be anything. If sewing, taxi or truck driving license, ability to play piano, kayaking or windsurfing, cooking Chinese dishes, whatever you will learn, the confident boost effect will be same.

Do sport

I can almost see how you turned your eyes, while seeing the title. For many people is the idea of doing some sport activity regularly related to long and tiring process, and that’s the one reason why they don’t start.

On the other hand, there are sporters who can not imagine almost a single day without their favourite sport.

If you belong to either group, there is a way for you to find limits within you, while doing a sport.

In case, you are having issues to start with a sport, it can be because you are torturing yourself with the image of body builders in the fitness center. While looking on their pictures, you may think you be never like them and that’s decreasing your persistence or motivation and that is way you might become more tired even before you have started. In your mind though.

Well, you don’t have to be body builder. You don’t even have to do a fitness, if it is not fitting you. The purpose is to feel better. Later on you would also start to feel healthier and stronger.

As well as, you have to have some piece of fun, while doing your sport. You will feel more excited, when your session is about to come. Giving up will be almost impossible for you. How I know it? Would you give up something, that is bringing you enjoyment, power and self-confidence? Answer is on you.

There are many kinds of sports out there. If you don’t like fitness, there is swimming, running, biking, joga, roller skating. You can jog, if you think those sports are too heavy for your start. Or when you like to do team sport with your buddy or team, you have options like basketball, tennis, beach volleyball. And many others.

Regular sport will help you give your life more discipline. And you will see how your limits are slowly disappearing, when you will always perform a bit more like you did last time. Meaning, you did Monday 30 sit-ups, but on Tuesday you did 31 and on Wednesday 32, and so on.

If you are in the second group and you are doing regularly sport already, you probably know about the benefits, the sport is bringing you. From my personal experience I know, that after a while by doing the same activity, the muscles become lazy and effect is therefore decreasing. In that case what will help you is regular change.

For instance, on Monday running, on Tuesday biking, on Wednesday swimming, on Thursday fitness. Variations are endless. Here applies as well the rule about increasing performance.

I am sure, if you are experienced you know a lot about the right exercises and intensity of your training. My intention is to show people who are not practicing sport, how simple it can be to start. That you don’t need expensive membership or plenty of equipment, as you can jog or run almost with no extra clothing, all what you need is your will.

Small steps

I hope I could inspire you in terms of your progress. I believe that everyone is having special and unique story and that’s way everyone will have different way throughout the life. But there are principles valid for everyone.

The importance of overcoming the challenges, or battling the limits we thought we have, going the extra mile, however we will name it, that importance is essential for any kind of growth. You can even go forward, backwards or stay still. I think if you are not moving, but staying still you are going against the human nature.

For a while it can be joyful, to stay outside of the busy center, let’s say. But after a while, you would feel pole to do something. And there is always more excitement, enjoyment and happiness if you move forward, compare to movement backwards.

3 ways to find limits can be your help, if you do not know how you should go further. If you feel you are stuck and you feel the place you are right now, is not what you aimed for.

Whenever you feel it that way, go for a hike trip. If you don’t have a time for whole day on mountains,  go run or jog for so little like HALF AN HOUR and you will feel the difference. If you want to brighten your horizons, learn some new skill. There are plenty of online, as well as, offline affordable courses out there.

Do whatever, just move. If you are afraid you won’t know how, just start. If you will fell, it’s OK, you will wake up. Just don’t stay still please. And remember, 100 small steps made regularly are better like one huge step irregularly.

It was my pleasure to get connected with you and I wish you best luck with your progress. Let me know what works for you.

Till next time.

10 thoughts on “3 ways to find limits-Confidence boost

  1. Great tips in the post that are often overlooked by many. This has inspired me to ‘go to the top’ so to speak with an activity that I tend to shy away from. Who knows, I might end up loving it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do love it already and can hardly imagine my life without either of them. As I wrote, just start and you see how it goes. I wish you the best luck with it!! You can share later how is your progress, I would be happy to hear it from you!

  2. This is a very informative article. All the ways of finding new limits and boosting confidence have been well explained in your article. I really am a big fan of doing sports as a means of discovering new limits. Doing sports might initially sound very demanding to some people, but the benefits you derive, both physically and psychologically out-weigh the effort and sweat involved.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an educative article!

    1. Thank you Dan.
      Many people, don’t know how regular sport is easy to do. Also without a huge effort, or with the effort, you can self adjust. I hope this article was informative enough to get some people to start. Let me know if you have any other tips which are helping you to explore your limits. Take care!

  3. Thank you for very much for your post! Positive way of looking things is today very important! I believe in every word you have written here! And trying to help others shows who you realy are!

  4. i like what you have included in this post as ways to find what limit is limiting oneself and to push for improvements. The first one I can appreciate, although my version would be to connect with nature and go on a bush walk. I can see where you’re coming from with the mountain climb though. It would certainly be a sense of achievement. I started a new sport last year which I absolutely enjoy doing. For my age, it’s not common for 40 something’s to do taekwondo, but I get such a high from each class and the feeling of achievement helps me keep going back as I can see improvements over time. I think for one to boost confidence it helps to push past one’s beliefs in themselves and know that it is possible, use positive language and tell yourself you can do this, whatever it might be. It’s when we tell ourselves that we can’t, then we are stopping any sense of achievement from happening. Thanks for the reminder

    1. It’s awesome, that you did start new sport Kat, and even more in the age when many would be afraid of such a step. Big inspiration for others.
      That’s exactly what I meant, it can be sport you like and the feeling afterwards is just huge boost of power.It seems you find it and therefore I am happy. Connection with the nature in every sense is welcome, so as well the bush walk. I do love it and I am doing it regularly as well, just did not mention it there. So people who are going to read it article will find this as well, thank you for that.
      Thanks for your share once again.

  5. Very inspirational post, Julius.
    I tend to find sports an amazing way to clear my mind and help me stay focused.
    Thanks for sharing. keep it up!

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